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The company of Chinese network game of city of accept of body of the first ascen
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Chen Tianqiao founds to develop course grandly

Somebody gets rich, somebody goes bankrupt, somebody dress warmly and ear one's fill lives
And he, a youth of 31 years old, used only weak point time of 5 years, became chinese mainland the first plute
“ wears white shirt namely I am a few years ago, now still is white shirt, if do not have the situation with fundamental what, I can be worn more casually, I eat box meal together with employee in the unit midday, I am not a can prodigal person. ”
Perhaps he won't spend money really, but he is a person that can earn money most however.
On August 10, the royal network that already appeared on the market in Nasidake publishs financial forms for reporting statistics first, the following day, what Chen Tianqiao held stock market prise to reach about 1.11 billion dollar (add up to) of 9 billion yuan of RMB, exceed Netease author Ding Lei, become hold the post of Chinese head newly rich. Weak point in poineering time of 5 years, his fortune whirlwind rose 18000 times!
Chen Tianqiao's glamour just begins to be shown in the talk, he is clean-fingered Yan Xiao, happy event is angry not form at color, eyes blazing like torches-blazing with anger, have with the age unworthily mature. Talking language fast very fast, eloquence is dovish, careful of train of thought and language much analogy, logistic thinking and thinking in images are united very well in his head. The word that uses him Chen Tianqiao says, he now the position of old of network entertainment industry, it is a “idea” in coming from a few years of forebrain completely just.
The lucky get rich of “ others, because take a fancy to one place to appreciate,the likelihood is foreground is tremendous building dish, because developed the product with some kind of huge market,the likelihood is, and our getaway, just sold a good price our Story. Of course, for the person that do poineering work to, original 10 million earn not hard, difficult is 10 million become 100 100 million. ”
Avowed the Chen Tianqiao of the idealist ” that is “ deal with concrete matters relating to work, the ideal at the beginning of doing poineering work is the Disney that “ does a network to go up ” .
The start personnel of the company has 5 only, a small studio, they are carrying Chen Tianqiao the invite applications for a job that oneself do board, enrol graduate to Nanjing university by train, say to want to do the Disney on the network, without person pay attention to they.
Now, royal network is in Shanghai Zhang Jiang tall division (information prices forum) in the 15 thousand office building of smooth rice, employee of 25 years old is in more than 1000 average ages for the network Disney's dream is struggling. On press conference, chen Tianqiao starts to talk say to still have 400 position leave a seat vacant for sb grandly, became the popular news on the net immediately.
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