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The company of Chinese network game of city of accept of body of the first ascen
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30 years of rivers east, 30 years of rivers on the west. Royal extremely crash long, chen Tianqiao most know therein flavor.
Awake in the middle of the night a suit cold sweat
People says Chen Tianqiao is lucky, but him Chen Tianqiao says, royal lucky with misfortune be applicable to both or all. This starts network game anew domain, the chance is much, mine field is much also, have a lot of time, lie grandly the center of undercurrent, have a bit inadvertent, it is overall all is defeated.
When just starting grandly, chen Tianqiao often at dead of night is made a noise to wake: The server of where breaks down again, where to appear again serious illicit is taken outside hang …… arrived nearly two years, ability reluctance can enjoy smooth and steady Morpheus.
One, the latter half of the night of a ministry arranges mobile phone address book, dialed Chen Tianqiao's mobile telephone not carefully, chen Tianqiao is stimulated clever, woke, “ at that time is midnight at 2 o'clock, all round very quiet, I already very long the telephone call that did not receive a company in midnight, my judgement, should wanted on the telephone come, be an important matter certainly! ”
Chen Tianqiao gave all of a sweat for an instant, the dress is all and drenched.
The following day, this following that dials a telephone by accident by firm of Chen Tianqiao “ ? a ” , the word that uses him Chen Tianqiao says, he concerns with employee at ordinary times very good, but the trouble that encounters the job to go up, with respect to meeting “ very fierce ” .
Chen Tianqiao can feel the heart is unwell sometimes, because,be long the center that manages pressure.
“2002 year when, company basically the possibility that every month has dead. A friend says with me, crossover, you are very lucky still, basically did not touch grandly on what blooper. I ask in reply he: You say, is the catastrophic where that may any enterprises encounter done not have grandly had encountered? Fluid of profess to convinced of 3 individual plant eats dead outstanding, also someone plays our game to play heart disease puberty to die; Because adolescent is infatuated with network game, " People's Daily " a …… that front page has nodded us”
Review royal poineering way, experience casts those representing capital to be removed suddenly too endowment, experience litigates with the partner too, had encountered large-scale assault of the hacker, had encountered the competitor informs against …… of tax evasion duty to say with Chen Tianqiao's word, the risk ” that “ assumed others 10 years in a year.
But still be like the master in game grandly, in free and easy of the move in the environment with fascicular crisis, see bewitching catchs evil spirit, encounter demon to fall demon, hit all the way close. Chen Tianqiao also is called by a lot of people ” of “ legend boy.
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