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The company of Chinese network game of city of accept of body of the first ascen
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According to the investigation of Internet data center, up to in June 2003, although population of Chinese network game already had 15 million, but 22% what hold netizen sum total only, the center is forecasted, to 2006 immediate production value will amount to network game 8 billion, to circumjacent industry drive will exceed 100 billion, legend boy Chen Tianqiao, the first searched golden arteries and veins in this gold mine.
Cannot my this all one's life still make a room?
People says Chen Tianqiao very “ mainstream ” . Really, arrive as a child big, he each pace is to abide by most the mode of the mainstream grows rise. Father is an engineer, the mother is a teacher, boyhood family education is very severe, and Chen Tianqiao also is a child that does not need adult to worry about, not only achievement is outstanding, and it is student cadre all the time. He joined a party 18 years old, when Fudan University reads economics, win title of example of Shanghai student cadre, build credit ahead of schedule, become one of students that answer dawn graduated 18 times ahead of schedule 1993.
The Chen Tianqiao at that time, disposition of a “ been beening in classmate eye extremely firm and persistent, rich talent, future cannot the person ” of set limit to, but his development later is moved toward or make many former days lad amazed, because everybody thinks generally at that time, crossover fits official career.
In 18 students that graduate ahead of schedule in those days, only goes to state-owned company to work Chen Tianqiao. The 2nd year of the job, he from land home mouth (information prices forum) the average employee of the group, accomplished the vise general manager of group subsidiary, to 1996, chen Tianqiao of 24 years old had become the president secretary of group of land home mouth.
Same year, this group president is moved toward Pudong new developed area to hold the post of deputy warden, want to take Chen Yi to rise, but he was politelied decline.
Before long, chen Tianqiao resigns from group of land home mouth, went a stockjobber. Before “ goes, somebody leaves me, say Xiaochen, be about to divide a room here, your took a house to go again. I graduate at that time just 34 years, have house deal out I, should saying is very lucky. But I think, my this all one's life, cannot oneself still make a room? ”
such, chen Tianqiao and official career “ brush a shoulder and cross ” , perhaps say, it is the route that he chose another life actively.
I have “ a classmate is in abroad, the someone says with him your old schoolmate Chen Tianqiao is sent, he is not believed, saying affirmation is homonymic of the same surname, cannot be same individual. As a result online fish picture looks, still be me really, he is very amazed, think I can walk along official career all the time. ”
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