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The company of Chinese network game of city of accept of body of the first ascen
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Stockjobber also did not draw Chen Tianqiao's too long time, but in those a few years, he completed two of life important transitions: It is outside a show is being found in the colleague in stockjobber intelligent medium madam, 2 it is to be in the first pail of gold was dug in the “5.19” blowout prices of the stock market 1999, he uses 500 thousand yuan among them, established royal network.
Guard style gambler disposition
At the beginning of founding grandly, china still is a clear area of.com, in game of Chen Cong network, the market that acumen ground saw its are tremendous grows a space, he gives priority to course of study with community game, built a fictitious community, short a few months had 1 million right-and-left enrollment user, acquired China network from this the venture capital investment of 3 million dollar.
2000 end, internet enters winter, chen Tianqiao faces the crisis, make a choice again: Turn to MMOPRG(part to act kind of game from community game: MassiveMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame) . 2001 beginning of spring, bosom of boss of Korea Actoz company is put " legend " game seeks network operation business to China, with old crossover chime in easily, buy with the price of 300 thousand U.S. dollor grandly below " legend " the sole agency that is in China.
China net cannot accept royal this one option, put forward to remove endowment.
“ does not have backing at that time, this is a very great psychology pressure, burn one's boats, in this one battle. ”
Card base of Chen Tianqiao is: “ film industry developed so old, have 9 only to total 2002 box-office income 100 million, and game of whole 2002 network just rises one year, whole value of output has 9.2 100 million.
This one, bet very greatly.
But as " legend " a piece of Zhang De reveals this card, won grandly, win very big also.
Our core competition ability depends on “ providing excellent service in time, some game agents, 15 money sell you small dish, with respect to what without giving thought to. But royal, had profit at the beginning, the flower on the horse 5 million established) of Callcentre(phone center, accept a player complain. We still established a client to serve a system in the whole nation, can solve the client's problem inside 24 hours commonly. Sell on our E-sales(net for example again) mode, our password protection system, it is very scarce that this enjoys line of business in the report at that time, the player feels, saw them when the person eventually. ”
Or is not betted, should bet bet big; Or is not done, should do do win the home. A person of extraordinary powers bets need bold, chang Sheng needs discretion, in Chen Tianqiao's disposition, having this to see the part that seems contradiction.
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