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The company of Chinese network game of city of accept of body of the first ascen
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He often says, it is a conservative firm grandly. Although the company is stridden unusually boldly in crucial a few steps, but before take a step, it is Shen Zhi however careful.
The game of royal and own research and development gains fame, company of a Taiwan finds Chen Tianqiao, the requirement is bought with 1.5 million U.S. dollor among them a game is in the dealership of Taiwan. Chen Tianqiao refused, ask him why, he says “ did not hold ” .
“ game is product of a kind of culture, although Taiwan is the same as with China culture article is akin, but put in difference after all, the market beyond the mainland fills big or to be not done, should do be about to win. Although a cravat is small, but if improper, the likelihood is about to change a shirt accordingly, change leather shoes. I do not want to change a suit dress for a cravat, same, I cannot for trifling 1.5 million U.S. dollor, plan royal all-around to throw into confusion. I am not afraid that other company argues territory under one's control with me in Taiwan game line of business, only a chinese mainland can have borne the weight of the enterprise of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two class. ”
Before the environment that shows in metabolic confused, chen Tianqiao knows what to should do instinctively it seems that, what ought not to do, ask why he moves to be able to look so definitely every time, his answer says: How do I know “ ? ”
“ does the Disney of network industry”
2002 second half of the year, the source code leak of Korea Actoz, “ illicit takes incident ” to make Actoz is mixed litigate grandly, royal at that time oneself game " legend world " level of intense research and development, han Fang gives off wind to come on the network, say " legend world " be suspected of borroweding.
Lawsuit drag in a year or so, among this, group of royal research and development works desperately. “ we are very painstaking at that time, before if the contract ended on September 28, 2003,feeling not " legend world " the product with successful make it, and if the contract expires again, young to company can say is disaster. When the software framework that will see us July, know two thing is completely different. ”
Negotiated with Korea company 8 months, strong disposition of Chen Tianqiao, was destined he won't admit defeat.
" legend " to accumulated resource, experience and fund grandly, soft silver the investment of 40 million dollar, and appear on the market the several dollars that be in harmony gets, let accelerate the rate that buys annex grandly.
Endowment net is noted to swim in Japan company Bothtec, Zona of company of research and development of core game engine is bought in the United States later, changed the look to enterprise of person of the same trade grandly, buy athletics of ” of wing of “ of recreational game provider, electron square to grand of battle platform “ ” , and the “ of the person that precede that buys game of mobile phone platform is digital red ” , chen Tianqiao says seriously partly banteringly, the purpose of a series of movements has only, strangle the competitor “ with likely future in the ” in the cradle namely.
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