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The company of Chinese network game of city of accept of body of the first ascen
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A lot of successes of Chen Tianqiao with young did not concern. 17 years old go up name brand learns, 18 revenue party, with “ outstanding graduate ” graduates 20 years old ahead of schedule, 22 years old are appointed to be group of mouth of Shanghai land home the vise general manager of some subsidiary, 24 years old become secretary of president of group of land home mouth, 26 years old do poineering work, 30 years old of social status exceed 4 billion yuan of RMBs.

Tang Jun

Tang Jun, was born at Jiangsu Changzhou 1962; Be graduated from institute of Beijing post and telecommunications, japan, United States studies abroad after, cent obtains Master of engineering of physics bachelor, electron and computer science doctor's degree; Game software company and company of recreational movie estate are established in the United States.
Joined Microsoft 1994, hold the position of Microsoft headquarters Windows NT to develop senior manager of the branch; 2001 general manager of center of technology of preferment Microsoft whole world. Came on March 26, 2002 in Feburary 2004, ren Wei is soft (China) limited company president. 1998, 2000 and 2001, he is Microsoft exclusive a top prize that is awarded Microsoft 3 times: Gates of the · that compare Er's president is crackajack the employee of award and excellent management award. On Feburary 11, 2004, join in Shanghai royal network develops limited company to hold the position of president post formally, obtain at the same time hire Microsoft (China) reputation president post.

Tang Jun once led the Microsoft below (Chinese) , in sale respect, it is only of Microsoft whole world successive 6 months (arrived in July 2002 January 2003) the company that creates record of historical highest sale. 03 money of Microsoft China year (2002 will arrive in July 2003 6/30) make Microsoft whole world the branch with the rapiddest growth of outstanding achievement of the sale in 82 branches.

He himself also obtains character of economy of year of Chinese Information Industry, China for many times 10 big IT of character of 10 old science and technology, China man of the time, China 10 big the most valuable the special honour such as professional handler.

Tang Jun, was born in Jiangsu Changzhou 1962

Took an examination of institute of Beijing post and telecommunications 1980 (predecessor of university of Beijing post and telecommunications) , study abroad at Japan, United States after, obtain Master of engineering of physics bachelor, electron and computer to learn a doctor's degree respectively

Joined Microsoft 1994

Was prepared to construct toward Shanghai by Microsoft headquarters clique 1997 technology of area of Microsoft big China supports a center

Microsoft Asia technology supported central promote to be center of technology of Microsoft whole world 1999, it is center of technology of Microsoft whole world at upgrading again in October 2001, tang Jun holds the post of this center general manager
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