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TV sells mythological founder continuously
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Growing course of oak fruit international

Oak fruit company held water 1998
The program broadcasted in 6 TV channel 2000
Rolled out 2001 consume kind of electron range of products
Rolled out automobile range of products 2002
Enable new client information system
Become international electron retail academician
Rolled out an electron to teach kind of range of products 2003
The program broadcasts in 29 TV channel
Built platform of Www.chinadrtv.com electron business affairs 2004
Obtained fund of soft silver-colored Asia 2005 2 period venture capital investment of 43 million dollar
Official investment uses center of phone of Shanghai, Shenzhen
Had bought write down star, beautiful back a back two old brands
Name of whole journey coronal sponsors super 2005 schoolgirl to sing swim Chinese itinerate concert
Did poineering work with CCTV 2006 program " win in China " collaboration, attend " win in China " true person is beautiful
Bought celebrity electron science and technology 2007
On May 3, appear on the market in stock exchange of American new York

The preeminent group of low-key leader backside

The administrative group of oak fruit international all the time very low-key, never accept media to interview almost. But, the matter that oak fruit is able to survive and does bigger more depends on owning a strong group and operation system.

Father: Yang Dongjie

Father Yang Dongjie, be graduated from Beijing University law is, love him what move by bicycle, processing company is exquisite and dovish with the system. Patent protection consciousness of Yang Dongjie is stronger also, had filed a few patent, because its are right the attention of law Wu, the position of law Wu department of the company is very high also. Him Yang Dongjie English is very good, like to undertake communicating with company of a few international.

CEO: Hu Yujun

Hu Yujun of CEO of oak fruit international is in Di Wei this wait for many TV to sell a company to had worked continuously, the insight of course of study of straight to TV sell is very strong, its partner and subordinate evaluate his to see a problem can hit crucial point continuously, since 2000, be in charge of the business of oak fruit international, contribute somewhat to the mode innovation of oak fruit international.

Layout department general manager: Jiang Yu flies

Jiang Yu flies to general manager of department of layout of oak fruit international, the enterprise of astral ” bear the palm of growing forum of 2006 China industry and future of “ of enterprise of the 6th China is represented.

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