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Si Dake of accept of the net that carry Cheng appears on the market -- the 2nd r
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Net of the journey that carry Cheng is the company that the travel that our country appears on the market the first times in American NASDAQ and appreciation service provide, it is what the client offers hotel airline ticket to book a service through Internet and client service center, and relevant appreciation travel product, year sale exceeds 20 million dollar, profit exceeds 5 million dollar.

Bridge builds chapter harships course, found carry Cheng

Liang Jianzhang of 15 years old reads undergraduate course of Yu Fudan computer, 20 years old repair the Liang Jianzhang of master's degree in the United States, abandon the high pay thick salary of ORACLE, housekeep founds net of the journey that carry Cheng.
One in an instant, the turnover that carry Cheng has been as high as ten, but his poineering course just just begins.
The bridge of the CEO that carry Cheng of face of long a pair of baby proposes a rule, always like to lie fallow dress up, do a clique to have the feeling of some of IT Xin Rui quite. But in the office in him, not much however advanced IT equips, instead is the landscape painting with that ancient abundant meaning on the wall, attract eyeball most. Look at the Chinese landscape painting with weak idle, when knowing Liang Jianzhang to whether meet the girl since memory, according to process designing of ancient rhyme law, the scene with famed far and near of ” of “ computer sonneteer.
Perhaps be to have a good journey the reason of downstream, liang Jianzhang of 34 years old looks far actualer age to want small. But face fortune and achievement, liang Jianzhang is shown however with age unworthily indifferently. Liang Jianzhang laugh says he is not a particularly enthusiastic person, having the person that pursue IT technology must “ is sober with rational ” , fortune perhaps is a number only to him. Be this calm in the heart, face the flat country after carrying Cheng to appear on the market, outside facing, the bound is fortune of its calculative a huge sum, liang Jianzhang lives however as before, mood does not see a bit is changed, adventitious of that “ natural environment that he asks a person to write decides go the same way, harships does not have ” of Cheng of constant Chang Xie more the determination that shows its harships carries Cheng. “ carries Cheng to still have very large growing space. ” Liang Jianzhang thinks, his poineering course just just begins.
Before doing poineering work, must have done accumulate
Experience it may be said of Liang Jianzhang is downwind downstream. When the teenager talent of extremely rich computer, 13 years old can write a poem with computer, it is one of pupil that China contacts computer the earliest, enter teenage program race subsequently, bear the palm as as easy as winking, this makes he and computer knot leave the reason that indissoluble. 15 years old, the Liang Jianzhang of school work of the junior high school that finish takes an examination of class of answer dawn teenager, hind of half an year reads undergraduate course of Yu Fudan computer. Answer dawn did not graduate, take an examination of college of industry of American Qiao Zhiya grain, read bachelor, Master. Was 1989 that year, liang Cai is 20 years old.
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