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Si Dake of accept of the net that carry Cheng appears on the market -- the 2nd r
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Shen Napeng is the associated author of net of the journey that carry Cheng and trustee, ever held the position of company president and post of presiding and financial officer for a long time. If the home interlinks the associated author of the hotel and couplet banquet president,he also is, if domestic chain hotel is the bibcock enterprise of hotel of Chinese economy chain. Because Mr Shen is founding net of the journey that carry Cheng and the outstanding performance in interlinking a hotel like the home, he by " magazine of Asian Venture Journal " judge for 2004 ” of entrepreneur of “ Asia year. He also is the trustee that China's biggest outdoors media company divides numerous medium. Before establishing network of the journey that carry Cheng, the investment banking that Mr Shen is in new York and Hong Kong worked more than 8 years. Come from 1996 1999, mr Shen holds the post of the trustee of heart volition bank to hold Chinese capital market concurrently to be in charge of. Before 1996, the investment bank branch that Mr Shen is in bank of negotiable securities of American Han Huayin travel, Lei Man's brother and Hua Qi works. Mr Shen currently holds the post ofdirector of Chinese entrepreneur forum, the whole world is youthful president academician and committee member of Beijing green couplet. Mr Shen the 1992 master's degree that obtain a Yale, the 1989 bachelor's degree that obtain Shanghai traffic university.
If say Shen Napeng is investing bank group is youthful senior staff, so after turning to Internet industry to come, shen Napeng discovers he is already opposite old, look in him, a lot of people in Internet industry are returned now is the child. If what thing was not done good,investing a bank before, he can think he is young still, still have an opportunity later, can do a bit weller after two years. But the age sortie Internet with 32 years old, do not search to give a few ages really bigger, shen Napeng knows he cannot make any mistakes.
What occupational change brings to Shen Napeng is tremendous change. After carrying Cheng to hold water 4 years, if wish to be landed in Nasidake, and all the time by investor chase after ardently hold in both hands, the raise on the 10 dollars from just appearing on the market comes 30 much dollars. The company that looks at oneself to establish can have such show in capital market, invest the Shen Napeng of bank work experience for years to having, it is the biggest satisfaction undoubtedly. And its individual fortune is climbed quickly also litre, do ”4 of “ popular literature or art year the wealth that time place accumulates may be ”40 of “ highbrow art and literature year cannot climb reach.
Shen Napeng was graduated from Yale MBA 1992, go up to invested a bank famously to do 8 years in 3 extraction bound early or late. Have rarely in company of the Internet inside the circle now the person is to had done a company to appear on the market from A to Z, and Shen Napeng the experience of this respect is the doubt that do not have commonplace, he was participated in 8, of overseas of 9 China enterprise appear on the market. Have 3 among them, 4 do not have make it because of a variety of reasons, 5, 6 appear on the market successful, project financing also was participated in a lot of. These experience are the fortune with precious brushstroke to Internet company, also be such experience makes understanding mixes Shen Napeng valued Internet, final, the decision is devoted into at Internet, realize the rise in value with individual price fast watch.
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