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Of large quantities of student studying abroads like going back to the motherland to go abroad just like large quantities of student studying abroads, there is an illusion when a lot of people go abroad, the United States is gold everywhere. Same, right now go back to the motherland, because American knows China,also be gold everywhere euqally.
Shen Napeng was dug 1996 heart volition bank, he entered the phase of handy, be in charge of the capital market of whole China. Be less than a year, heart volition bank is in Europe to issue the bond of 500 million mark for China as leading bank, after be being issued, there is a cocktail party in Frankfurt, announce bond of 500 million mark issues People's Republic of China finish, next achieve national anthem, shen Napeng says the sense of pride at that time is in chest is insurgent, the athlete that gold took on elephantine Olympic Games a bit stands in the mood on the stage that receive award.
Still have Shen Napeng of a thing very bring feel proud, because the value of his individual got,reflect adequately. The Gao Qiao outside Shanghai Pudong has outside crying, tall bridge free tax zone expands a Peruvian company limited company, the company has outside Gao Qiao edifice has mortgaged bank, think financing is very difficult again. Shen Napeng tells them with you present credence can borrow money directly, and need not go out building guaranty, suggest they make structural sex financing. It is very mysterious that this is told to them, original floor can be in harmony 50 million dollars, but fall in Shen Napeng's help finally, this company be in harmony a capital of 100 million.
Making investment bank is a very exciting job, shen Napeng says to arrive later from graduation the end of the year left whole bank group last year, can not come home before 7 o'clock one day. This job dispute often has those who challenge a gender, no matter the market how, always want try every means to create value for the client. And the opportunity of the market is ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, for instance a project is in two months less than, must make it, do not do, won't have such opportunity again later, it is tonight even sometimes must make it, did not do this opportunity to be able to escape. Can such working intensity has infer how old, extremely tall to the person's requirement, want already meticulous, want again fast, accurate.
Profiteering still must be Internet
Investment bank is very exciting, but have a fatal problem, it is middleman forever, not be industrial principal part. The economy that high speed rises is annual the rate of 300 % of 200 % ~ rises, and business of brushstroke of investment bank consummate, can extract 2 % only - the charge of 3 % , want to develop oneself truly, be about economic substance. 1998 the end of the year, shen Napeng invested to return hacker software company with his capital. Internet is returned at that time unlike so hot today, but the interface that becomes investment bank as a result of Shen Napeng is wider, and the fellow student that there are a lot of universities in California, be engrafted so every time the thought of Internet, see American Internet development is so hot, shen Napeng decides to invest Internet. It is very important that the choice cuts a point, shen Napeng feels electronic business affairs has an opportunity in China, carried Cheng net to build in May 1999, founded quite long period of time inside, be in charge of operation by CEO Ji Qi, shen Napeng just holds macroscopical frame in the angle of the board of directors.
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