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Country of easy be placed in the middle hands in a successful IPO in button
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Country of easy be placed in the middle develops course

2000, shanghai building is sold (group) limited company holds water, industry of representative of sale of comprehensive intervening estate. Grasp hold “ to let a Chinese stay in those who get better ” to manage a concept, in Chinese estate current service is gotten inside the country, innovation goes “ to build bridge, realize the company viewpoint of value of value ” .

2001, main rooms sale captures market of whole China estate to grow turning point, held to give priority to the good luck of business Wu with estate sale representative, rise quickly into long maturity, last a period of time already jumped before residing those who become company of Shanghai sale representative 3 armour one year.

2003, main rooms sale undertakes the whole nation extends the strategy, company establish the program of 10 years of strategies that the company develops, in order to build the estate that China has value most current service system develops way for company future.

2004, easy house (China) accuse a limited company to hold water formally.

2005, main rooms sale makes subordinate of easy house China wholy-owned subsidiary. Of the same age, the Shanghai of professional estate research organization that Chinese head furniture has the run by the local people of position of substance of independent legal person to be not an enterprise resides estate academy easily to hold water formally, decision-making advisory system starts estate of China of easy house CRIC and the autograph makes an appointment with a ceremony to hold, country of easy be placed in the middle in estate decision-making advisory domain stepped banner one pace.

2006, easy house (China) accuse a limited company to will be in what fund of estate of the Chong Deji gold of Shanghai and Swiss credit group, DLJ takes the lead to wait for firm of 4 world-famous investment to sign an agreement formally to introduce strategy of international of 25 million U.S. dollor to invest on March 28. Be year, sortie is secondhand house manager business, from a pure sale acting business development becomes to be with contemporary IT rely on, with sale representative, decision-making seek advice, house property broker flows for business, enclothe China each big city estate is current the international industry that serves a system, the line of business of service of “ China real-estate that has the honor to win authoritative branch to issue is banner the special honour of ” of orgnaization of broker of outstanding estate of brand ” and “ whole nation.

2007, easy house (China) accuse a limited company to have the honor to win develop academy of institute of estate of university of institute of research center enterprise, Tsinghua and Chinese index by association of Chinese real estate, the State Council the “2004-2006 that 4 orgnaizations issue jointly is successive 3 years Chinese estate engineers a representative 100 strong companies the first ” .
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