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Solar energy myth does not have Xi Shangde
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Shang De is moved toward with lustrum abroad

Shi Zhengrong used 5 years of time only, guide the Shang De that do not have stannum the trend is abroad, new York stock exchange invites the Shang Delai that do not have stannum actively even to appear on the market, shi Zhengrong becomes wall street and media to chase after the “ China that hold in both hands consequently new a rich ” . However, face medium, apply Zhengrongyi face indifferently: “ is game of a number nevertheless then, no point. ” is significant is real outstanding achievement: This year, predict profit without Xi Shangde 100 million dollar.
Button makes a heart that is global capital market, daily stock trades be as high as 2.5 billion, deducing the myth of production plute ceaselessly, was turn for Shi Zhengrong this, he became the first to enter advocate the Chinese inland of new York stock exchange civilian battalion entrepreneur.
On December 14, 2005, hang out his shingle in new York stock exchange without Xi Shangde appear on the market. On December 31, 2005, the Shang De that do not have stannum with 27. 25 dollar / closing quotation. Hold 68 million Shi Zhengrong, social status exceeds 14.9 billion yuan of RMBs, china is new head rich be born at this point.
Very few somebody knows, shi Zhengrong ” of this Dr. “ foreign, shortened the difference of industry of Chinese smooth hot season and world level stealthily 15 years.
Intervene in equal opportunity appropriate industry, 1988, shi Zhengrong is gone to by public school Australian Xin Nawei Er person university, glyn teachs the · of father ” Martin that the adviser is “ world solar energy. Professor Martin is academician of Australian academy of sciences, because be in,the remarkable success of solar energy domain won Nobel environment award 2002. Shi Zhengrong obtained a doctor's degree 1992, went back to the motherland 2000 when doing poineering work, already owned patent of technology of solar energy of 10 multinomial international.
At that time, a lot of people think, solar energy technology just has the land of use force in the developed country, shi Zhengrong is certain this one technology has profit greatly to China however. The national condition with “ person much little resource, the space that decided solar energy generates electricity to develop in China is vaster. We intervened in an equal opportunity an appropriate industry. ”
Even if “ dies in without stannum, also cannot lose face”
2000, shi Zhengrong goes back to the motherland, the bosom puts hundred thousands of dollar to begin to do poineering work. An accidental opportunity, without stannic city company of venture capital investment invested country of department manager Zhang Wei to discover Shi Zhengrong's project, thinking solar energy generates electricity is a good idea. Two people decide to establish a solar battery to produce a business jointly. In January 2001, the 8 industry financing such as group of the cygnet that do not have stannum 6 million dollar, shi Zhengrong is mixed with ready money of 400 thousand dollar value the technical share of 1.6 million dollar, in was being established jointly, bay do not have limited company of power of Xi Shangde solar energy joint-stockly.
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