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Solar energy myth does not have Xi Shangde
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According to Swiss Sarasin Basic Report2004 year will report in November and " PHOTON International " magazine rank, solar battery of silicon of Shang Dejing body is produced can reside the world the 10th, this is Chinese enterprise first selected world smooth Fu Shijiang, the personage inside course of study thinks, shang De's development, shortened the difference of our country and industry of world smooth hot season 15 years. Of Shang De rise abruptly, to numerous investor the decision invested industry of smooth hot season to establish sturdy confidence.
Current, first phase project of Shang Dexin plant area will be used in official this year in July investment, this one project will make Shang De's scale of production achieves 120 million to cover with tiles, produce to the end of the year can enlarge 180 million tile, smooth Fu Qianliu of world of push forward of with one action is strong. 2 period, 3 period project also will in succession finishing. On new technology research and development, shang Dezheng is quickening the pace that large-scale industrialization of solar battery of film of the 2nd acting polycrystalline silicon studies, change for the product had made sufficient technical reserve. To 2008, shang De ascends effort the body reachs the world smooth Fu Sanjiang.

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