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Solar energy myth does not have Xi Shangde
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Shi Zhengrong says, in that paragraph of day of poineering initial stage, personnel flow is very large, a doctor that brings back even him sends his door additionally also. Ambitious Shi Zhengrong pledges secretly: Even if “ dies in without stannum, also cannot lose face. ”
When the first equipment runs smoothly, shi Zhengrong saw trustful look for the first time. Because home does not have sufficient market demand at that time, shi Zhengrong stares at overseas market closely, be in abroad to stay is a few months. “ arrives from March 2002 2004 the end of the year, I take the salary of 1/4 only. Do not have money to buy a machine, think method changes technology, buy homebred secondhand equipment. ” is become big big order from abroad when flying, shi Zhengrong knows, oneself are in move toward a success step by step.
The change of the market makes Shang Dexun fast ended ” of “ poineering labour pains. 2002, shang De still is in deficit, 2003 gain 900 thousand dollar, outstanding achievement turned over 20 times 2004. Arrive from 2003 2004, shang De expands 3 times produce can. September 2005, shang De's productivity already occupied industry of world solar energy the 6th.
Capital steps excommunicate cage
Shang De's success gained the favour of capital, each capital is thick as hail. 2005 first half of the year, the collect of world-famous investment fund illicit such as Xiang Gaocheng of the company outside Shang Dehai 80 million dollar, finished equity of all to Shang De home thereby buy, shang Decheng real foreign capital company. This illicit collect was used only be less than two months, someone says even for ” of “ financing myth. Nevertheless, the paean high play music of capital market did not allow Shi Zhengrong shake up the pillow and have a good sleep.
“ should make the industry of smooth hot season that makes big China by force, the effort of Home Shang Deyi is far only insufficient, shang De's success can not represent the success of industry of Chinese smooth hot season. ” Shi Zhengrong says, his ideal is to let solar energy this kind of cheap, clean the sources of energy walks into an innumberable families.
Button hands in an active “ to had been shown”
After the company expands, shi Zhengrong begins to consider to appear on the market. He considered Hong Kong stock exchange, Singapore stock exchange, Nasidake early or late, did not think of button reachs place namely, receive a telephone call till him: “ button hands in the person of place to want to talk with you. ”
What make Shi Zhengrong accident more is button hands in a president to pay a visit suddenly of Ma Du. “ you are China's biggest solar energy company, want the world's greatest capital market financing of course. The Ma Du sign that ” just leaves a plane fast rapid, of one face agog. Ma Du's sincerity touched Shi Zhengrong, begin the same night to prepare to appear on the market data, preparation persuades a board of directors. On December 14, 2005, hang out his shingle in new York stock exchange without Xi Shangde appear on the market.
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