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Solar energy myth does not have Xi Shangde
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To doing poineering work course, myriad of Shi Zhengrong deep feeling: This experienced “ all the way a lot of harships, what we should do now is to be thankful. ” to having Xi Shangde, shi Zhengrong has a tremendous cause: “ is produced in what accomplished 1000 million tile 2010 can, become the company of smooth hot season with the biggest whole world. ”

Shi Zhengrong: Arrive from the scientist business sea elite

Shi Zhengrong brief introduction

Shi Zhengrong, be born in in Feburary 1963, in ancestral home raise.

Was graduated from Jilin university 1983, obtain bachelor's degree.

Was graduated from institute of machinery of optical nicety of Shanghai of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 1986, obtain master's degree.

Studied abroad at Er of Australian new Na Wei 1988 this university, master from international solar battery horse of winner of Nobel environment award is authoritative, fourth 2002 Professor Glyn.

With fine polycrystalline silicon film solar cell technology obtained a doctor's degree 1991. This center researcher and limited company of power of solar energy of Australian Pacific Ocean carry out successor trustee, technology of 10 multinomial solar batteries invents individual hold patent.

2000, go back to the motherland establish without limited company of power of Xi Shangde solar energy, currently hold the post ofelectric power of the Shang De that do not have stannum to accuse a limited company president to hold CEO concurrently.

18.6 billion China is new the region government of a rich get rich arouses state-owned exit

Shi Zhengrong —— is before December 14, 2005, this is a new name. Besides the professional personage of industry of solar energy power, very few somebody knows, however, be this slants reside the “ ocean doctor ” that saves corner of the city that do not have stannum in Jiangsu, shortened the difference of industry of Chinese smooth hot season and world level stealthily 15 years.

This solar energy doctor from Australian homecoming, do poineering work 4 years to ask a vessel button reachs place. His —— suffers the person do poineering work of outside doubt from a frequency, became wall street and media to chase after the ” of “ wealthy person that hold in both hands ardently.

Beijing time on January 13 5 when the left and right sides, china is new head rich be born.

New York bourse that day when closing quotation, china is in the United States the first times advocate board the civilian battalion enterprise that appear on the market controls a limited company without electric power of Xi Shangde solar energy every reach 34.02 dollars.

Its president holds hold of CEO Shi Zhengrong concurrently 68 million, that is to say, its are newest social status reached 2.313 billion dollar, aggregate RMB makes an appointment with Yuan Chaofu cloth of 18.6 billion yuan of —— this Chinese head is rich 2005 1.64 billion dollar of Rong Zhijian and Hu Run 100 rich a list of names posted up head 14 billion yuan of RMBs of rich Huang Guangyu.
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