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Solar energy myth does not have Xi Shangde
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In addition, the Shang De that do not have stannum is current total capital stock 145 million, by share price was calculated on January 13, market prise 4.922 billion dollar, add up to a RMB nearly 40 billion yuan, become China abroad on the company with the biggest market prise in citizen look forward to.

Ma Du of president of new York stock exchange says, its mark wears “ first time of civilian battalion company blends in market of American mainstream capital. ”

On December 30, 2005, shi Zhengrong ever was in of the reporter offer to fall, computer is opened in the firm office that does not have stannum, to company share price, taking a calculator to have statistic to his social status. The result at that time is, 1.68 billion dollar.

“ this is I calculate the market prise of own stock for the first time. ” is applied express, “ people says I am plute, but I did not feel actually with there is what distinction before, share price rise and fall is fugacious, I still get as usual to go to work, be away on official business, those who take also is salary. ”

The industry with whistle calorific whistle

The city that do not have stannum is in charge of deputy mayor Tan Xueming of industry to point out, shang De appears on the market in new York hind, the definition uses a doctor outside is one night cruel rich. “ this is one-sided, did not see the hardships that applies a doctor a few years this to do poineering work. ”

2000, in Australian division the father ” from “ solar energy 10 old Shi Zhengrong tapes wear Glyn hundred thousands of dollar goes back to the motherland do poineering work. “ thinks risk or pretty are big now, want what that's all right at that time. ”

When original hardship, shangde has two months hair not to give salary, rely on partner to assure, bank loan just overshoots difficulty. At that time a 100 thousand yuan engineering contract, in building a course, the paragraph already advanced the circumstance of the half to fall, engineering company staff presses for payment of debts to the office that takes him, threaten takes away equipment to support a fund.

Those who make him sadder is, because the ” of two “ direct line of descent that he answers please from Australia looked to be less than a hope and leave.

“ arrives from March 2002 by 2004, I am the first take 1/4 salary only. Memory of ” Shi Zhengrong says.

Fortunately, apply those who devote into is the industrial ” with very hot hair of a “ .

September 2002, shang De was building the solar battery product line with the first 10 made of baked clay million without stannum, its produce the total that can be equivalent to crop of solar cell of the China before this 4 years. June 2003, at the beginning of 2004, in August 2004, shi Zhengrong submits a report 3 times to the board of directors again, proposal augment is produced can, won approval.
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