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Solar energy myth does not have Xi Shangde
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“ thinks back to now rise, we are to be in correct when did correct business, produce can augment makes the company is caught up with came 2001 the leap of industry of global solar energy develops. ”

French Lyons negotiable securities (Asia) a trade report that the name is the solar energy ” with fervent “ was issued 2004. The report says, this industry is in “ really whistle whistle is calorific, although it is entering the space, but resemble bubble not at all, however a solid and reliable investment target. ”

July 2005, lyons negotiable securities (Asia) release solar energy trade again newest authority considers to report, predict 2010, output of global solar energy will grow 4 times, sales revenue grows 3 times, profit grows 3 times. Company of advantage solar energy has vast growing space, time can last to 2008 at least, may arrive even 2010. The advantage company share price inside industry of “ solar energy is in what prospective 2-3 will have 2 times at least inside year to go up, a meeting goes up below certain circumstance more tremendous. ”

Arrive in 2004 in April 2005, sales revenue of solar energy industry grows 33% , the profit before duty grows 85% , price of stock of company of global solar energy rises on average 133% . Among them, daystar company stock rose 519% , Chinese Taiwan Mao Di (Motech) rose 394% , German SolarWorld company rose 336% .

A very familiar to solar energy industry investor points out, shang De is in although home is not the first company that enters solar energy industry, but inchoate a few companies that intervene because global market has not risen at that time, go up finally in the strategy pendulous, and after prices rises suddenly, produce can outspread do not follow to go up again, lost market chance.

Shangde introduces, at present its product sale is given priority to with exit, 2004, 1-9 month exit exceeded total sales volume respectively 2005 92% , 82% , the market basically is centered in area of and other places of Europe, Australia, United States, southeast Asia, especially Germany. 2005 1-9 month, purchase achieve or exceed a company to sell the big client of 10% , include Conerg AG, IBC Solar AG, solarWorld AG.

Shang De will produce “ this year in June can cover with tiles augment to 240 million, year end will achieve 300 million tile. Zhang Wei country says ” company vise general manager, “ factory works overtime every day, still van waits in factory doorway pick up the goods. ”

“ fast person one pace”

But, the industry with very hot hair can not make sure company of each solar energy can share the “ cake ” that grows to the industry.

“ to solar battery company, at present even very long henceforth period of time, the key is not productivity and sale problem, whether enough raw material supplies data of silicon of —— tall purity however. ”
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