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Solar energy myth does not have Xi Shangde
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Lyons negotiable securities studies the report also points out, did not come two years, silicon expects supplying insecurity is the risk with solar energy the mainest industry. If among them certain company cannot get enough raw material to supply, will cause gain to increase fluctuant risk.

Shang Degong manages a personage also admits, raw material is just as “ commissariat ” to the importance of solar energy company same.

Nevertheless, shi Zhengrong is already fast one pace —— is in the person early 3 years before, raw material is not nervous still at that time, apply participated in aid to build plant of two silicon marvellous section, and free offers a help. Nowadays section field criterion exchange gifts, manufacturing silicon chip supplies Shang De entirely.

In October 2005, shang De with Germany supplier of raw material of a solar energy reachs 10 years period offer goods agreement for a long time. In addition, shang De is returned with Japan a company reached 2 years period the intent that offer money, predict this supply agreement will be in 2006, the yield that enough assured 100 million are 30 million tile, made of baked clay 2007 can.

But, this still insufficient, further control raw material still needs more adequate capital.

Apply admit, this one of IPO main purposes solve raw material problem just about.

Manual of raise capital by floating shares shows, in IPO collect capital, about 100 million dollar will be used at buying raw material or down payment; 40 million dollar is produced with what reach package at augment solar battery can; 20 million dollar is used at the research and development of solar battery technology. To the end of 2006, the solar battery of the company is produced can will one times more outspread, achieve 240 million tile.

According to exposure of manual of raise capital by floating shares, shang De with be being signed with raw material supplier imprest and long-term supply agreement, many deposit and form the form such as strategic collaboration with enterprise of the upper reaches inside the industry, produce in order to satisfy can grow while the supply that assures raw material.

Book of Shangde raise capital by floating shares shows: 2002, shangde company still is in deficit condition, realized net profit 2003 900 thousand dollar, net 2004 gain reachs 19.8 million dollar, and profit of net profit of before 2005 3 quarters is as high as 20 million dollar.

In fact, the gain of discriminative place —— that this also is the network parvenus that Shang De and those appear on the market in Nasidake is big and growth is rapid, illicit collect phase has invested a of Shang De abroad fund manager to point out. “ is in network upsurge, be in a lot of the first Internet companies that appear on the market especially, what sell at that time is concept and the market that did not come and income. ”

Disclose according to this abroad fund manager, predicting Shang Degong manages this year sale not under 1.8 billion yuan of RMB, profit will achieve left and right sides of 50 million dollar.
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