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Solar energy myth does not have Xi Shangde
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“ is entered is support, retreating is support more”

The solar energy that “ is surveyor's pole with using a doctor nowadays is new and high technical company is a piece of calling card that does not have stannum. ” is accepted without Tan Xueming of stannic city deputy mayor when interviewing, say.

The each pace that “ company grows cannot leave not to have the help of stannic municipal government. ” Shi Zhengrong introduces, at the beginning of doing poineering work, for collect sufficient the capital gold of 8 million dollar, he ever sat painstakingly in investor doorway 3 hours, connect an individual to did not see.

Drafting in those when contributive company is indecisive, the vice secretary that does not have industry of stannic city be assigned personal responsibility for at that time swings a word: “ who if apply doctoral let slip, municipal Party committee and municipal government will investigate its duty. ”

Then, couplet of the country that do not have stannum, without stannum the group of group of Inc. of venture capital investment of new and high technology, cygnet, the Mercury that do not have stannum, city that do not have stannum does poineering work group of standing grain of the investment, hill that do not have stannum in succession contributive. When the company holds water, shi Zhengrong holds 25% share, among them 20% as the technology, additionally 5% with out-of-pocket expense.

And at the beginning of 2005, rate of dilate of the Shang De that do not have stannum is too rapid, support bank financing cannot solve a problem, must market of get through capital. If those state-owned partner do not wish to exit, probable influence company appears on the market plan.

Then, without stannic city main leader arouses at the outset contributive state-owned company is exited. Deputy mayor Tan Xueming is accepted interview think, governmental venture capital investment obtained 10-23 respectively the accrual of times, exceeded expectant redound far, this kind of redound is in the state-owend enterprise from without precedent.

The venture capital investment of “ government, entering is support, retreating is support more, he says ” , “ does not have Xi Shangde appear on the market, the government did not earn money merely, and bigger get one's own back was won in investment climate respect. ”

May 2005, be state-owned capital cooperate to exit, make many abroad orgnaization such as Pu Kai of Natexis of Gao Cheng, flower couplet, France, You Ke, Spain is able to become a shareholder smoothly Shang De accuses, this makes Shang De changes as the foreign trader solely invested enterprise, for after this abroad appear on the market levelled road.

“ looks from the whole setting of industry of global solar energy, henceforth inside a paragraph of period, rich road of Shi Zhengrong will be stabilized and more endless. Yutie becomes general manager of advisory firm of investment of ” weather channel think, compare the blessing cloth Si Fuhao that the horse falls again and again before Yu Zhi, applying is ” of “ white Ma Fuhao.
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