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Solar energy myth does not have Xi Shangde
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“ so say, because Shang De is representing one of main development way of new energy resources,be, using total money is transparent, it is sunshine fortune. ”

Ignite hope —— not to have industry of smooth hot season of world of push forward of company of power of Xi Shangde solar energy with the sun 10 strong

The mankind has entered 21 centuries, the swift and violent development of high-tech, those who affected social productivity is rapid rise, corporeal civilization of the mankind already reached unprecedented level. However, what economic development also builds didymous resource is tremendous use up, the resource of the sources of energy that develops lifeblood as socioeconomy especially is in increasingly dried up, human front is facing huge global crisis. Forecast according to the expert, at present the mankind basically uses cannot second birth the sources of energy, wait like oil, natural gas, will leaving a surplus of century exploitation place very few, second birth the sources of energy is like the extended space such as water, solar energy to still need at present not as good as far. This year on Feburary 28, countrywide National People's Congress was passed " but law of second birth energy " , this will is but the development of second birth the sources of energy provided an active policy framework, showed our country government admits but the firm determination of second birth the sources of energy. Without Xi Shangde limited company of solar energy power regards the light of new and high technology that is engaged in solar energy research and development and production as volt enterprise rise abruptly quickly, will making the base of green the sources of energy of true world-class without stannum, get run industry of Chinese smooth hot season.
The Shang Detai that walks into a Yu Moxi new developed area is in relief can power limited company, a “ of company motto column is the earth, charge for future, let green always circle the catchphrase of terrestrial ” , drew the author's look. The company that established this 2001, mere 3 years of time, productivity of its solar battery achieved 60 million tile, batteries component encloses productivity to exceed 75 million tile, the sale breaks through 1 billion yuan. Bath issues growth Shang De in sunshine, ignited oneself hope with the sun, enlighten the journey of the travel before oneself.

The technology is the most important core competition ability

In last few years, applied development is rapidder related the solar energy of our country, but main still concentration compares simple level this kind at solar energy heat addition, to solar energy use efficiency lower, the product of electric power of smooth hot season that serves as new and high technology still cannot be masses place hep. Product of electric power of smooth hot season satisfies the environmental protection product of people life and working energy demand as support solar energy, OK and efficient use solar energy uses wider field. As problem of our country energy increasingly outstanding, development is used but second birth the sources of energy and solar energy technology, developed industry of smooth hot season to had become our country economy to develop one of significant move.
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