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Solar energy myth does not have Xi Shangde
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Application of electric power of smooth hot season belongs to high-tech category on the world, the capacity of own research and development that has product of smooth hot season and own intellectual property appear the sense is great. Shang Degong of no less than manages place of Dr. Shi Zhengrong says general manager: “ technology is Shang De's most important core competition ability, innovation is the soul that Shang Degong manages. ” the authoritative Martin of domain of solar battery of winner of this award of environment of the father of world solar energy, Nobel, international? The pupil that Glyn teachs, having long-term overseas to be engaged in the experience that solar energy product studies, this makes Shang De from market of the sale outside having elite of top-ranking research and development and capacious of great capacity at the beginning. To the end of last year, product of smooth hot season exports the 90 % above that occupies company business gross in all, market limits extends Euramerican, middle east, Africa and area of southeast Asia and other places.
Shang Deshen tells technology and talented person is the resource with the mainest business, the technology precedes is to reduce investment cost and the crucial factor of production cost. Face the intense competition of global at the summit of one's power, control finally by right of technology and talent ability only the business improves ceaselessly. In recent years, shang Degong manages from abroad invite applications for a job large quantities of senior talented people, dr. Ji Jingjia that was engaged in old solar energy technology of smooth hot season studies and obtaining positive result of a lot of research from what Australia returns is among them a outstanding. Recently, shangde company still invited Xin Nawei and person college smooth hot season Situerte of research center director? Power be able to bear or endure Mu (Prof? Stuart? Wenham) the CTO that the professor holds the position of a company (CTO) , the technical level that decided Shang Degong manages further is in the lead position of industry of international smooth hot season!

Do the surmount person of industry of world smooth hot season
Shang De's success and development and self-ordained company strategy goal are not assigned. The person that Shang De should do the motivate of industry of Chinese smooth hot season not just, should do the surmount person of industry of world smooth hot season more. Be in 3 years short in time, the domain such as the communication that Shang De's product uses home already extensively, wide report, traffic, maritime, illume, in addition, shang De still is taken an active part in, bear built western bright project project, explore Guang Fujian to build unifinication technology ceaselessly. Foreign market portion also is in progressively promotion, its product technology and quality standard had reached the advanced level that exceeds trade of international smooth hot season even, it is Chinese head home has TUV, IEC, CE to wait for the business of smooth hot season that enters letter of attestation of international market authority, the government that is make choice of of national Department of Commerce helps project product external. The company is in Shangde short 2, gave aid to inside 3 years much home company and its form a complete set, be formed gradually and perfected catenary of industry of smooth hot season. The Shang Dezheng of the Shang De of a China, world is in rise abruptly quickly without stannum.
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