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Baidu opens IPO of Chinese net look forward to prelusive
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Baidu the poineering course of CEO plum Yan Hong

In be located in in the Baidu headquarters near Beijing University, people saw only appear on the market the Li Yan after the success grand (English name Robin) , one sits the person that have the success with billions of young and handsome family property, very few however somebody notices, plum Yan Hong is when American job is the most complacent, resolutely quit foreign company rich and generous pay and period authority, go back to the motherland found the heart road course of Baidu. What cannot deny is, plum Yan Hong is all the time very successful, and the person that can score greater success successfully his thereby in the negative ceaselessly.

Was born in Shanxi in relief spring 1968 the Li Yan of an average household grand the person that is born with their that generation is same, had not gone up nursery school, illuminative education basically also is two his elder sister teaching, plum Yan Hong has 3 elder sisters and a little sister. There is a small courtyard before his door, raising a small blackboard, that is his place that 3 elder sister often give dot of their this side to attend class. What then moment plum Yan Hong likes to learn most is maths.

Plum the opera passes infatuatedly when Yan Hong is junior, ever was admitted by troupe of advance of Shanxi in relief spring, but still abandoned finally. 8 years old when, he is sent “ Yang Quan the elementary school on one small ” . After two months, li Yan grand as the family remove school of children of chemical plant of transfer to Jin Dong. Over, teachers feel this is the child of school of key elementary school, let him become assistant team leader before long. The Li Yan at that time grand it is to the teacher's manner: Which Laoshi praises him, he is darling who listen to; If who criticized him a few, he can go up in classroom piquant make trouble.

Most primary school teacher thinks plum Yan Hong is not the stuff that learns together, also do not feel even him himself to he is a special material. Elementary school 5 grade when, plum Yan Hong passes scrip to a female classmate, the feeling that expresses “ love ” , was accused by this schoolgirl classmaster that, classmaster informed his father and mother, teacher and parent come “ criticize and denounce sb ” , do so that he does not have face very much, also calculate a ” of not small “ peachy disturbance.

Plum Yan Hong knows what calls pressure for the first time or in junior high school 3 grade when, because of one mind thinks an university, so he thinks of Yang Quan one in read high school. The high school that there is 80% over is unripe can take an examination of attend a college, it is the ” of large family of “ the university entrance exam with famous Shanxi.
Think without the person almost at that time the Li Yan of children school grand can take an examination of on Yang Quan one in, two elder sisters worry for him more. Plum Yan Hong does not think so, he once was in when recollecting the choice with this paragraph of first life, say: I have “ in one's childhood very strong emulative psychology, the thing that the more everybody does not value, I want make it the more. ” perhaps is a such psychology, through the ” of “ make effort at the last moment of two months, plum Yan Hong is taken an examination of with higher mark unexpectedly went up Yang Quan one in, make the teachers and students of a lot of children school be surprised.
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