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Baidu opens IPO of Chinese net look forward to prelusive
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One's deceased father on Yang Quan one medium Li Yan grand become ” of “ simple minded rises, mug of of one mind, think famous brand university. In division of cent of high school unity and coherence in writing when, grand fine long hair chose Li Yan forthwith science department, “ learns several manage to change, walk along the world to not be afraid of ” , actually, the Li Yan in those days grand, individual interest is not right division, he wants to the history and geographical interest bigger, and his composition also has name very much on the class, every time can become model essay be revealed on the class almost.

Yang Quan one in it is Shanxi province key, ” of computer room of Ⅱ of apple of a “ was deployed for the school in the province, plum the student that Yan Hong regards computer interest as the class, be able to compare with age person computer of early bring into contact with.   

The Li Yan between tall metaphase grand the computer application game that ever had played Shanxi province on behalf of Yang Quan city, but did not take what place, before a few of the match are taken away by the student of the school of provincial capital Taiyuan almost. In those days, the child that Yang Quan's child resembles Taiyuan impossibly has more opportunity to contact computer euqally, the book also gains ground without a few computer in the bookshop of city of in relief spring.

Draw near the university entrance exam, a lot of students and parent are fill in a form and submit it to the leadership result of study of —— of volunteer be anxious is good, miss shop sign signing up, be afraid that the spot is developed again not beautiful. Li Yan grand not anxious, when he is taken an examination of well, can take year the first, when differring, also can advanced 10 or so. According to Yang Quan one in the expression of the university entrance exam of calendar year, plum Yanhong feels Beijing University has one wrestle. He also wants to be able to be read with 3 elder sister very much indeed same a school, his 3 elder sister in those days with Yang Quan the first achievement takes an examination of Beijing University Chemstry Department, in Yuan Yang ” of prestige of “ of city of in relief spring. Plum of Yan Hong emulative, make he is appointed should take an examination of Beijing University.

1987, plum Yan Hongru wishs with outstanding achievement from Shanxi Yang Quan one in Jin Bang autograph, gave a form of address for one's wife to close, read into Beijing University of Chinese highest institution of higher learning continuously at year books information is. Boy of this in relief spring, first time of all one's life is successful.

After the Beijing University new student of 3 two months has lived, plum Yan Hong's mood changes direction by fancy, excitement low, major of this books information follows him in ideal too different, rectifying what contact in day is document, catalog, as dry as a chip, drab. In the eye of average person, attempt condition is a student is attributive become a librarian in a certain library namely probably, and plum Yan Hong's ambition is not here apparently. Of course, be the course that this door plum Yan Hong does not have deep love for, provided professional knowledge to “ Baidu ” establishs after him prop up, scored huge success from this.
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