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Plum Yan Hong tries to change his the destiny of the casual major that choose a fault, he is him set one goes abroad the road that study abroad, bought book of ” of TOEFL of one pile “ to be gnawed suddenly, everyday 3.1 line of “ ” , library of — of dormitory — classroom. Original, he seeks the post that got undersecretary of an organization ministry in officer student union, but after he mingles period of time, feel oneself are not “ has his moment only ” viatic expects, faded gradually. And Beijing University also very recommend student take as an elective course the course of other department, plum Yan Hongxi joyous computer, feel this professional prospect is good, so, often also go audit of computer science department a few special training course. Keyword: Li Yan grand study abroad

Go abroad more with boreal masses the fellow student that study abroad is same, plum Yanhong extensive cultivation, to the United States more than 10 universities gave application, be admitted by university of Nuo of law of new York cloth finally.

1991 christmas, plum the plane that Yanhong entered Beijing to fly to American los angeles, he should go to university of Nuo of law of new York cloth assiduously studying computer doctor's degree.

Early he studies abroad a few years 3 elder sister of the United States receive him in los angeles airport. The los angeles December, the day enrages bright high, typical ocean climate. The elder sister takes him to go to Hollywood, go growing a beach, go Disney, go to China city, wish 3 days to let him see the United States. The Li Yan of this moment grand, resemble just flying to the migrant of southern live through the winter from north, everything before is so fresh, so be like ever was acquainted. Linger in los angeles one week later, plum Yan Hong left on the west the coast, fly toward new York ……

Scenery of cloth law Nuo is pretty, plum when Yan Hong sets foot on this land for the first time, be Bai Xueai white, icebound earth. The computer science department of this university is ranked in complete beauty advanced 20 in. Original Li Yan grand it is to going straight towards Stanford, California cent school goes to Berkeley, but those a few years, american IT too fire, computer education of China is in these school eyes, still basically be “ baby ” , they enrol chinese mainland student studying abroad far from. Bufanuoben will also do not prepare to enrol mainland student studying abroad, hired two professors that come from chinese mainland because of the school only, below the requirement of professors, the school just breaks rules provoked student of a few their chinese mainland.

Stand by the university of cloth law Nuo of the Niagara Falls, suffer Erie and the effect that bring rude lake, there are 6 months to issueing snow in a year. Will arrive suddenly first, plum class of Yan Hongbai sky, in the evening English of take lessons after school, write a program, often be in the school busy to before dawn two at 3 o'clock. His assiduous, also be the take lessons after school of true portraiture —— that the United States reachs at the beginning of numerous China student studying abroad actually, attend class, work.
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