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Before long, plum the chill that Yan Hong cannot undergo night of cloth law Nuo to put thorough on the ice really, with respect to extremely aching from study abroad 1000 U.S. dollors are taken out in travelling expenses, bought a Feng Tian two handcart. The parking lot in campus was about at 2 o'clock to before dawn clear field, this is Li Yan grand the latest time that can stay in the school. Snow is very deep, ice is very thick, every time starts a car, the warm-up without 10 minutes and clean time, the car is to open immobile at all.

Plum Yan Hong is in during Bufanuo reads, altogether moved the home 3 times, first time and couple of a pair of China close hire, close not to come, because the couple makes a holiday on the two electric telephone bills that often are in every months; quadratic environment is good, but that cat that landlord home raises, make him allergic actually; The student studying abroad that comes from Hong Kong the 3rd times with closes hire, both sides closes, close from the school, very satisfactory. This paragraph of time, plum Yan Hong's spoken language and professional English have very great progress. The “ that activity of such his student studying abroad in the United States crossed the most difficult period —— student studying abroads to often say is adjusted period ” .

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Crossed “ to adjust period the student studying abroads of ” always meet some move restlessly. For instance, in outside school the part-time job works, attend party of constituent alumni association, fellow villager, anyhow “ not ” of at a loose end.  
In April 1993, plum Yan Hong arose to go out the idea that “ rushs ” . 5 to the summer vacation that August is the school, stay in the school also meaning of it doesn't matter, so he decides to go “ works ” .

Plum Yan Hong looked to hire advertisement not less on the net, should feel appropriate only, send a resume, be in again after ” of “ extensive cultivation, he was harvested again the company that surprizing “ lucky ”—— calls Matsushita is willing to accept him to make a field trip.

Go the exercitation of Matsushita, changed plum Yan Hong's lifetime.  
Plum the information that Yan Hong wants to go to a company jackarooing is very fast in Chinese student studying abroad get about this company gives —— Li Yan grand went out horary the exercitation pay of 25 U.S. dollors, below coequal condition, of the treatment that this company gives tall, in the student studying abroad almost never heard of before. Interesting is, which company is what when him that Hong Kong asks him with house “ goes after all? When ” , he still feels embarrassed ground answer says “ calls Matsushita, the small company ” with quite strange name. After this listens with house big Jing, this returns “ is small company, below the Japanese pine that it is famous ah ” . Li Yan grand satori, original Matsushita is the Japanese metaphrase below Japanese pine, no wonder so awkward-sounding. In May 1993, the pine of grand v/arc be on the throne at Princeton issues Li Yan IT institute jackarooes formally. This is him life first time is on working station, it is to rely on oneself to earn money those who have a meal is germinant. Princeton is the small town of a halcyon beauty, famous Princeton university once fostered the big scientist such as Einstein, in the meantime, industrial group also is here, especially the research base of IT bound.   
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