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Baidu opens IPO of Chinese net look forward to prelusive
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The working environment below the pine is very easy, enter the door to be able to see the indoor garden in the hall. Of the job, plum Yan Hong often sits in the garden to read newspaper, " wall street daily " it is the press that he likes to look most.   

Li Yan falls in the pine grand those who be engaged in is OCR(OCR) the research of the domain. During the exercitation, he puts forward a kind to raise the algorithm that identifies efficiency, be taken seriously by the height below the pine, when so that become him to must end summer vacation time,the exercitation returns the school, the pine falls to break free from conventions actually, continue to recruit him to hold two or more posts concurrently in the school, encourage him to study this to achievement draws up will publish. Plum Yan Hong is in later on international learning conference read out when studying positive result this, get international OCR sphere of learning the appreciate of ” of Mount Taishan and the Big Dipper of a “ , below his commendation, this one achievement is published smoothly in periodical of international authority learning " pattern recognition and machine intelligence " on. During assiduously studying a doctor, can draw up the paper that has international level so, the doctoral diploma that the adviser maintains him has been time problem only. And, if do not give special accident, the high pay after the pine issues regular meeting to graduate in his doctor invites him. Plum the logic of Yan Hong's United States seems a level road, next follow a rational line to do some work well it is — of Dr. “ Professor — the golden light highway of authoritative ” , and this is him from home town Yang Quan is walked out of decided ideal is held in the arms when coming.

However plum Yan Hong studies abroad in the United States when, when be worth Clinton and dagger Er to advertise information freeway, it is forerunner with Internet technology, large quantities of companies appear on the market a money, flow of each company person with ability is unusually active. This moment in student leaving the United States is popular an ethos, want to have the job only, read doctoral student, took Master diploma to go mostly person.

Plum Yan Hong is to want to wait very much the job goes again after taking doctoral diploma, but the person of this company is very enthusiastic to him, the boss studies special appreciation to his, and two people are in learned talk very congenially also, have greatly meet the feeling that hates evening. Become an engineer or do a scientist, plum the choice that Yan Hong faces life again, he or choice quit doctoral school work finally, do ” of “ senior adviser to this company. Plum scientist dream of Yan Hong is so undone.

Before long, holding the position of " wall street daily " system of information of real time finance designs network edition when personnel, plum Yan Hong became the first person that establishs ESP skill, in the uses at INFOSEEK/GO.COM search engine that succeeds it. The image search of GO.COM has the technology that uses value another times when all alone engine also is him to innovate extremely.
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