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Baidu opens IPO of Chinese net look forward to prelusive
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1996, plum Yan Hong took the lead in solving again the sort that how will be based on webpage quality and be based on dependency sort the problem of perfect union, won American patent accordingly.

The birth of Baidu

Up to now, baidu had rolled out Baidu post, baidu knows, the Baidu space product that has cohesive affinity quite, enclothing each corner of the life stage by stage. Baidu, you know. 7 single-page calendar are experienced, baidu changes the life!

Baidu ” Baidu CEO“ , find relevant webpage about 2, 790, 000, the 0.001 seconds when using! Baidu is searched with complete, new, fast, first what follow search of Chinese of male crouch of 4 large dominant positions! We let review Li Yan below grand search road and Baidu are born!

The father Li Yan of Baidu grand, one's previous experience is in Shanxi in relief spring, learn an opera, when the middle school, suffer take an examination of Beijing University Chemstry Department the drive of 3 elder sister, abandon an opera, work energetically study, manage major at inspecting Beijing University message 1987. 1991, come to American cloth city of law collect new York establishs university computer science department to assiduously study master's degree, graduation fines jade to wall street · Si Zi company works later, become financial information system to design staff.

Depended on the research achievement in IT respect 1997, enter be located in Jialifuliya the Silicon Valley of the city is famous Ln-foseek of search engine company (search is believed) do senior researcher, crackajack expert is become very quickly in information search domain. Own subsidiary of wall street · fining jade more than 70 period authority, there was a person of extraordinary powers to be mixed curtilage in Silicon Valley a car. The wife also works in company of a high-tech.

Right now Li Yan grand did not have higher demand, but the wife is early hear of, the technology that the company of Google of famous search engine that comes out now uses emerges recently on Internet, used his achievement very likely. 1998, she studies the search means of Google and technical platform carefully, the research achievement of amazed discovery and husband actually exceeding likeness.

Return the home in, the technology of the Google company that the wife masters him introduces to the husband, do not look criterion already, looking is regret blueness really intestines. Plum the business that Yan Hong suspects all the time got confirming. Two years ago, namely Spring 1996, he is in a lot of universities of world to undertake information searchs the academic lecture of technical respect on invitation. Once, he is when end of Sydney university lecture, the student of the two Stanford college that takes below the stage is on dais, xiang Liyan grand consulted a few problems. Li Yan grand the identity with the division commander, the research result of the core oneself made the introduction to them. His absolutely cannot think of, these two youths make the man of the time of world Internet group after a year, the Google company that they establish becomes the world to rank first to search engine company, ascend body billionaire cavalcade.
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