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Baidu opens IPO of Chinese net look forward to prelusive
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The positive result that him work laboriously studies, do for other however marry clothes, the heart has unwilling.

October 1998 plum Yan Hong goes back to the motherland as honored guest of National Day specially invite, during this, he and wife borrow machine researched Chinese Internet market. If,feel can a Chinese searchs open engine website, undoubted meeting has an advantage more than Google.

But the capital that start from He Lai? Then, their husband and wife kills an United States again. Company of a venture capital investment is opposite plum Yan Hong's originality very have fun at, negotiate into what went a few days, when nearing end, investment business raises a slashing requirement suddenly: The house property with Li Yanhong and stock period authority is on mortage, plum the promised the other side condition that Yan Hongguo breaks. But before the agreement signs finally, business of venture capital investment guilty, specially leaves a room to give plum Yan Hong's boss calls ask: “ this Li Yan grand very fierce really? ” boss says: “ is in engine respect, before the whole world can be discharged 3. Business of ” venture capital investment eventually resolved signed on the contract.

1998 end, grand belt wears Li Yan 1.2 million U.S. dollor comes to Beijing, established Baidu company. After working a few years, namely 2001, the business it doesn't matter of Baidu makes progress, plum Yan Hongzhen is urgent, fall in the abyss that he is failing it seems that. The wife encourages him however: Did not forget “ , google those two bub, the student that still is you, they had had the social status of 3 billion dollar now. ” this word, prickled again plum Yan Hong's heart, also inspired his fight.

Baidu is in a few short years, grow quickly to search a website for the biggest Chinese, the whole world the 2nd big dragnet stands. At this moment a lot of shareholder proposals of company appear on the market the company in the United States, this also has a risk very much, be to still do not go up? Through careful discussion and research, reach if miss good opportunity,Baidu has the opportunity that appear on the market and requirement completely finally, other Chinese searchs engine company to be grabbed first machine, a bitter pill to swallow of Baidu general get down. Company decision: Application Baidu appears on the market in Nasidake.

Late on August 5, 2005, baidu pregnant experienced the hour with the most stirring life, on the indication screen that restrains an index in Na Sida, they hold some primitive go up a 353.85 % that achieved insanity, every 122.54 dollars, 400 30 9 billionaire, multimillionaire, millionaire arose between one night, created the fortune fairy tale of 21 centuries, the whole world is astonished for it.

Up to now, baidu had rolled out Baidu post, baidu knows, the Baidu space product that has cohesive affinity quite, enclothing each corner of the life stage by stage. Baidu, you know. 7 single-page calendar are experienced, baidu changes the life!
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