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Baidu opens IPO of Chinese net look forward to prelusive
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Father holds CEO plum Yan Hong concurrently

Was graduated from Beijing University information to manage major 1991, go to American cloth subsequently city of law collect new York establishs an university to finish computer science master's degree. In the search engine develops initial stage, plum Yan Hong regards the whole world as one of the earliest investigator, most established ESP skill first, in the uses at INFOSEEK/GO.COM search engine that succeeds it. The image search of GO.COM provides the technology that uses value another times when all alone engine is him to innovate extremely.

By 1999, bosom “ science and technology changes the dream of the life ” of people, plum Yan Hong goes back to the motherland establish Baidu. The course tries hard for years, baidu has become a Chinese most the Chinese website that often uses, the Chinese with the greatest whole world searchs engine, also be the Chinese website with the greatest whole world at the same time. In August 2005, baidu overcomes a success to appear on the market in American Na Sida, make global capital market most get attention appear on the market one of companies.

In Li Yan grand leader falls, baidu has the group of search engine technology with the most preeminent whole world not only, the administrative group that also has domestic best show at the same time, products plan, development and safeguard a group; In commercial pattern respect, have as much initiate a gender, shared Internet achievement to rise to urge action actively to Chinese enterprise. Current, baidu also is the Chinese company that global transnational corporation seeks cooperation at most, as Baidu Japan company hold water, baidu quickened the pace that moves toward internationalization.

1996, he was solved above all the sort that how will be based on webpage quality and be based on dependency sort the problem of perfect union, won American patent accordingly;
1998, according to the experience in Silicon Valley job and life, published in the mainland " war of Silicon Valley trade " one book;
By 1999, carry venture capital investment to go back to the motherland to found Baidu jointly with gentleman of brave of good friend Xu;
Was chosen to be ” of 10 big poineering Xin Rui 2001;
2002, had the honor to win first 2003, the 2nd “IT title of ” of 10 great man of the time;
In April 2004, be elected as software of China of the 2nd “ ” of 10 old prominent young people;
On August 23, 2005, have the honor to win dozenth a “ Dong Mengqing year award ” ;
On December 28, 2005, have the honor to win ” of figure of year of “CCTV2005 China economy;
On December 10, 2006, be elected as the United States " commercial weekly publication " global “ is optimal 2006 commercial leader ” . .

Xu Yong

Read department of Beijing University biology 1982, after finishing biology master's degree 1989, win scholarship of American Dr. Luokefeilejijinhui, go to the United States to study abroad, finish a doctor's degree at university of A&M of American heart city, along with successor California university Berkeley is divided school is postdoctoral. Be in the United States 10 years during, xu Yong holds a post to cross a state famously at two early or late company of new and high technology (QIAGEN, inc. With Stratagene company) senior selling manager, and had won crackajack sale award.
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