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Baidu opens IPO of Chinese net look forward to prelusive
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1998, xu Yong filmed as one of producer newsreel of large special subject " walk into Silicon Valley " , objective and the overall development process that reflects Silicon Valley, deepness hunting a variety of elements of backside of Silicon Valley success. The mechanism of venture capital investment that in Silicon Valley he gives the advanced government that comes from chinese mainland official introduction Silicon Valley on invitation for many times and poineering culture.
1999, xu Yong and other collaboration found Cybercalling.com company, company of business affairs of this network electron realized gain inside 6 months. The numerous trade group of he and Silicon Valley is maintaining close connection, offer commerce to seek advice for a lot of burgeoning high-tech enterprises.
By 1999, xu Yong and Yan Hong of good friend plum go back to the motherland founded Baidu.

CTO Liu founds a state

The technical vice president that will hold the position of Baidu company all the time from August 2000 one duty.
Mr Liu is Baidu company 6 years before one of first employee of recruit, the dragnet sth resembling a net that he makes China precede from development of a burgeoning company to Baidu reached indispensable action since the company, below his leader, the Technical Division of Baidu attracted a lot of and outstanding talent to develop make a predominant group. It is unapproachable that capability of his professional knowledge, technology and administrative skill can say in home.
As technical innovation and the controller that new product develops, mr Liu and the group that its head are developing the new technology that can attract Chinese user and new service respect to produce crucial effect, will ensure Baidu can provide best search experience to Chinese user.
Mr Liu has working experience of more than 15 years in software project, research and development and administrative field. He joined Baidu company in January 2000 and will be promoted to be company technology vice president in August in of the same age, branch of responsible government research and development and sophisticated technology develop the many panels such as the branch.
In join in before Baidu, liu Jianguo ever was an associate professor of Beijing University computer science department, he ever managed the many research project that funds by committee of national science foundation and national Planning Committee. During, liu Jianguo and his group research and development gave many technologies product, include the first Chinese to search engine among them.
Mr Liu was graduated from project of science of computer of Xi'an traffic university to fasten software major 1988, get master's degree of major of network of Beijing University computer at graduating 1991. In addition, came 1997 the learned man of a visit that he or science of computer of American Illinois university tied 1998.

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