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Kingdom of floor space media divides numerous medium
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Cent numerous medium is cruel rich annals

The story of royal Chen Tianqiao allows the pulling force that people saw Shanghai beach legend is fast and outspread: It is on this Shanghai land, the youths of stranger are seventies in burgeoning industry ceaseless behead wins huge success.

American time on July 13, 2005, the Changjiang Delta as old crossover good friend spring after close therewith, be in weak point the cent numerous medium that oneself guide to establish single-handed in 3 years, ask vessel accept Sidake, again compose the legend like a myth that build up from nothing.

Release price according to the stock of 17 dollars, have minute of numerous medium the Changjiang Delta of hundred share spring, its the social status enough now includes 2004 Forbes Chinese plute a list of names posted up.

Nowadays, the Changjiang Delta after appearing on the market spring do not have more joyance, be called to work by work in the same placing he mad still busies, everyday Morpheus 4-5 hour. After coming off work, return garden of Ren Hengbin river that 250 Duopingmi's a person of extraordinary powers curtilage in, changjiang Delta spring still does not forget to call, listen to each district manager people report. Be in this 250 in Duopingmi's home, river sleep besides the bedroom in oneself outside, he did not know what to thing is set in 45 other rooms even, those “ rooms have my Mom to knew to pile up only what. ”

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After coming back from Nasidake, busied two days in Shanghai, on July 20 one big early, river fly to Guangzhou by a the earliest plane again, 21 days of evening return Shanghai to continue to busy. On the weekend, burn joss sticks of hill of Tuo of past Zhejiang general is fulfiling one's promise before Changjiang Delta spring.

Establish when Yong Yi, changjiang Delta spring still has what the scope is leaving him to run quickly car, go rambling towards evening Normal University of his alma mater Hua Dong, he also likes this activity very much. Nowadays, changjiang Delta spring has had an opportunity rarely can reopen is worn his run quickly car, answered alma mater to look.

It is what lets this was born 1973, with the pure Shanghai person with euqally average everybody, build up from nothing, created such miracle? How is his backside having beautiful story?

1991: Because 160 yuan of debt enter advertising

1991, year only Changjiang Delta of 18 years old spring take an examination of Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Hua Dong Normal University. The Changjiang Delta of firm matriculate spring, to satisfy the desire that oneself become independent at an early date, begin to consider how to let oneself make bit of money, such ability need not come home for long the nag that listens to parents. “ is firm in those days matriculate, begin to make teaching in home greatly, 7 yuan of money two hours. But had been discharged very completely because of my class, and I just talked about a girlfriend again, expenses is larger, so a few family education cannot satisfy my daily expense at all. And I am not willing to come home again take money. ”
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