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Kingdom of floor space media divides numerous medium
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With most Shanghai native, the parents of the river also is labour firewood estate, father becomes financial treasurer, and the mother ever still had run one wife and children convenience store successfully.

Big 2 last term, it is to pay off enter into an election contest chairman of officer student union and 160 yuan of debt that borrow to the classmate, already was the river of chairman of officer student union, the opportunity that capture wore to make money: An enterprise that the name is ” of company of movie and TV of “ Shanghai Asia-Pacific, come to the school enrol a clerk, every months 300 yuan of salary, this to returning the river that is a student at that time character is the income with quite considerable brushstroke. “ still has a profitable method at that time, sweep storehouse namely, 20 yuan a day. But after I swept a day, people said to need not be swept, a month just should be swept. ” to make money repay a debt, river the job of the first bagman that began him. After a month, 30 clerks that speak left two only, changjiang Delta spring is a among them. “ at that time is to sell Oriental TV station to call ‘ east the program ad that inspects melody ’ , my month can become several clients. My outstanding achievement perfectly, to 1993 when, my person did the turnover of company 1/3 probably, about 1.5 million yuan. ”

The first time promoted experience, changjiang Delta spring often repeats. What “ basically does at that time is the advertisement of commercial side, and sea route of Shanghai's new in those days business street the Huaihe River just is built, I go sea route of the Huaihe River of sweep anything away, one is visited, go doing the business of a lot of businessmen such as 100 couplet. Just began a few months I make a sale only, I begin to make entire proposal later, have a lot of getting on of picture works photograph resemble coming over, I direct them, oneself become a director, oneself write advertisement script, oneself give originality, oneself are patted, also oneself sell ad. ”

With such enthusiasm, before long hind, the 2 bosses of “ that Changjiang Delta spring becomes this company ” .

But the Changjiang Delta of natural disposition eager to do well in everything spring do not want to work all the time. In Feburary 1994, still reading big the river of 3 begins him to do poineering work; Of the same age in July, river and the Yong Yi group that include Hong Kong inside a few associate are joint-stock, register establish Yong Yi to travel, register fund 1 million yuan. This is an advertisement representative company that gives priority to with originality. 1995, the company wins the project of advertisement of box of street parking lights that does not have stannum successfully.

Of the same age, because be in charge of having the firm partner Cong Yongyi of stannic project to depart, and Hong Kong Yong Yi group also is removed because of oneself management problem endowment, yong Yi transmission suffers great equity to change, business also is faced with a lot of challenge and adjust.
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