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Kingdom of floor space media divides numerous medium
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From this the following in nearly 7 years of time, the life of Changjiang Delta spring oneself and Yong Yi out and out be in harmony is an organic whole.

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1995: Get acquainted with IDG

Yong Yi marchs to IT advertisement

Although 1995 year of turnover of the company already achieved 5 million yuan or so, this is in at that time have been a medium-sized ad company, and the company also had a lot of advertiser in Shanghai, include to associate etc. But the big client that does not have core because of the company and business, the industry of neither one core can be relied on, the equity that together with company encounters is fluctuant, the Changjiang Delta that serves as father spring realise soberly, right now Yong Yi, such “ progress continue, can produce a lot of problems. ”

Be in at this moment, do not have stannic project financing to give those who think independence, they find Changjiang Delta spring IDG of famous IT medium group. What expect is less than is, the project was not concluded, and the predestined relationship that him river unites to indissoluble with IDG medium collect however.

IDG medium group thinks “ at that time and buy company of a few ad, the medium course of study that is them serves. And what I do is ad firm, president of IDG medium group also has very good opinion to my individual. Then, it is by 1995, IDG decides to buy Yong Yi. ” but such good luck fails to embark on a journey because of the limitation of policy however. According to the policy regulation at that time, foreign capital not admit China advertising.

Had been aware IT course of study is in exquisitely right now before long future will grow the Changjiang Delta that is a giant burgeoning industry spring, did not let off such good luck coincidence. On January 1, 1996, changjiang Delta spring enters IDG medium group, make preparations for them Shanghai agency; Yong Yi naturally becomes the adcraft with IDG medium the mainest business.

Be in by right of IDG the resource of a few data of IT course of study, yong Yi begins dedicated at this industry. “ this one we are done very successfully, be in 1996 to 1998, yong Yi for a time almost forestall all clients of Shanghai IT course of study, also become this industry home's lead ad company. 1998, the income of Yongyi annual achieves 5589 yuan, this held Shanghai IT advertising almost the portion of 95% . ” speaks of these, what Changjiang Delta spring feels clinking is proud.

But the development that super forestall also allows Yong Yi encounters bottleneck, in market of Shanghai IT advertisement, leave Yong Yi, leave the remaining sum of 5% only finally. Exploration new pattern is become place in Changjiang Delta spring a before new difficult problem.

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