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Kingdom of floor space media divides numerous medium
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1999: Yong Yi begins diversity strategy

“ our choice is two kinds: It is the resource that uses IT group, extend Beijing and Guangzhou market; 2 it is to begin to try to enter other industries, be like estate, home appliance, the hope becomes the ad company of a diversity. ”

1999, yong Yi begins diversity strategy. Regretful is, such strategy did not let Yong Yi achieve greater progress. Changjiang Delta spring is to this explanation: Because method is done not have to serve Beijing in the group of Shanghai, and the competition of Beijing field is quite intense also, as new entrant, so Yong Yi's business is begun not successful. Although Guangzhou market is developed well still, but far also so not as successful as Shanghai. Same, in other industry, although Yong Yi obtained such as east such client of abroad estate company, but effect of difficult etiquette model.

2000, changjiang Delta spring seized the new moment that an expect is less than: Internet, this also brought a qualitative flight for Yong Yi transmission: The turnover of “2000 Nian Yongyi defeats 100 million yuan, what basically rely on is Internet. ” is in Changjiang Delta spring looks, it is a revolutionary crucial year this year to Yong Yi, the turnover of “ Yong Yi has 5 ten million suddenly yuan growth, because acted as agent at the same time in those days,basically be of 7 websites advertisement. ”

Successful breakthrough of Yong Yi still depended on Changjiang Delta spring seizing another opportunity. 2000, once for a time prosperous website 100 million the Tang Dynasty contributive established company of a good Ye. In those days this is company of a pure technology, the software that provides website advertisement monitoring serves, in the home page link that lists sina of famous door website. The Changjiang Delta that values this company at that time spring note with IDG group endowment among them. The network that uses become reconciled Ye just about gets online next interacting, yong Yicai is able to take next rife Internet ad. Nowadays, good Ye advertisement has become China's biggest Internet ad company.

The business income of on 100 million did not allow the time have an easy time of Changjiang Delta spring. Especially 2001, also become Yong Yicheng one this year to grow history in a most painful year.

It is Internet industry of this one new student gifted Yong Yi's qualitative leap. And at the same time, 2001, accompany Internet economy foamy undone, yong Yi also sufferred a deathblow. “ disappeared suddenly completely because of Internet, 7 clients all gone almost. This and our service did not concern, however this industry ases if to break down suddenly overnight. This makes us extremely painful. ”

“ becomes on the turnover level of the company 100 million yuan hind, we should return 10 thousand yuan thousands of again, it is to answer what do not go. Because of the company all operation cost, cost of manpower, impossible farewell must go, include a company to waited for firm of top-ranking 4A ad to ask many originality personnel to come over from abdicate of soup of abstruse beauty, Zhi Wei at that time. ” should keep the corporation's regular movement, the company must defend the 130 million turnover to 140 million yuan. “ we can work wildly with worrisome means only. ” this year, changjiang Delta spring leads his group, attended a large number of various meetings that compare draft, be as high as many 20. The mainland that this is not worth 40 people to great majority firm of civilian battalion ad, it is adv unimaginably absolutely.
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