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Kingdom of floor space media divides numerous medium
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To never admitting defeat and diligent at the person that takes an examination of summary, frequently at thinking of character, defeat may become additionally one kind of drive, changjiang Delta spring is such. Yong Yi is in 2001 suffer let Changjiang Delta spring realize explicitly a bit: Advertisement representative industry is one works hard already and profit not high industry, want to continue to get greater progress, yong Yi must seek new growing way.

Since 2002, yong Yi begins brand-new trial, divide a leg to walk. On one hand, serve the role change of business to agency strategy with all one's strength, let Yong Yi develop professional media to buy an agent; Former some of slam the door serves the plan that business develops to representative of advertisement of entire case pattern, the strategy that matchmaking of base oneself upon uprights, plan and buy service business. “ for instance Fuji is us take the entire case client below so. But from 2002 later if a few clients of development enrol merchant bank, it is the client of strategy of a pure agency, we will no longer sortie advertisement originality. The Yong Yi nowadays still has originality department, but they basically are to be original a few old clients to offer advertisement originality to serve. ” on the other hand, bend force makes burgeoning medium, this evolves into present cent numerous medium actually.

Nowadays, yong Yi already completed the transformation to company of professional media representative. And the working centre of gravity of Changjiang Delta spring also tilts to cent numerous medium thoroughly.

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2003: Passionate boy deduces minute of numerous medium

According to Changjiang Delta spring view, cent is numerous a be attempt of Yong Yi place actually new project evolves and come.

Advertise birth river, besides essence of life at promoting, be good at making a speech, on 4 hours can be said glibly before any stranger, day of every average Morpheus 4 hours, outside having indefatigable working glow, more the innovation ability that desirable is him. Look in him himself, the Yong Yi that creats single-handed by him is full of such natural advantage: “ and look of 4A ad firm are compared, our innovation sex is quite strong, depend on the innovation sex of traditional media applying firstly, develop the medium of innovation sex advertisement that does not have so namely secondly platform. ”

Abide is worn such train of thought, changjiang Delta spring built his advertisement to not have seam convert transmission theory and new carrier. The point of view that “ separates numerous transmission emphasizes stereo change travel and do not have seam change transmission, stereo the diversity that changes pressing with a finger to live to people, have the transmission of much channel, what onefold media cannot have satisfied people is stereo those who change is multivariate the life. Without seam changing transmission is the life characteristics according to special type crowd, undertake according with the transmission of their habits and customs. We contact a dot according to the culture life characteristics of people and media, will develop creation to give a few new media forms that do not have so, channel, means to wait. ”
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