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Kingdom of floor space media divides numerous medium
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It is with business affairs personage exemple. Changjiang Delta spring depicts the life of business affairs personage so: Be aimed at personage of a few business affairs, their habits and customs has been changed, in the morning is to drive to perhaps take a taxi go to work, reached the office, it is an Email above all, the client came at 10 o'clock in the morning, they attend a meeting discussion business, ate lunch at 12 o'clock, see another clients afternoon then, make an appointment with a person to have dinner in the evening, the likelihood makes an appointment with client bubble later, build the friendship of business affairs associate, the late night returns the home at 912 o'clock, very tired, after bathing, touch the pillow sleep, make an appointment with a friend possibly on the weekend to play golf, perhaps accompany wife to shop, accompany the child to play.

Changjiang Delta spring looks, make this subhuman ad, traditional media is to do not have how old of effect. The newspaper with general “ , they cannot see at all, they drive usually cannot pass newsstand, they also won't go to the subway, have subterranean garage only, they can be passed. Newspaper has in the office, but they answer Email to have not enough time, also read newspaper without time. Come home in the evening they also watch TV, but the likelihood was asleep 10 minutes. And driving in road, can see a few ad really, but they do not have idea to look at all, because they want,call ceaselessly. Be aimed at these crowds, media of Fang Shuli of and other places of the meeting place that is about to often be in in them, gym, office building eaves. ”

The trial that such understanding invites Changjiang Delta spring to think of is TV advertising is not a family to change, each cultivate land beyond the family that we have “ to take TV ad to them to often be gone to from inside the home only is nodded, and pass video advertisement is installed in differently dot, ability helps advertisement advocate the different target crowd that arrives at place to want to be aimed at, promote transmission effectiveness greatly thereby, avoid much media budget waste to be in wrong confluence. ” with such concept, river what think of first times is high-grade office building be without before this additional the elevator that use, “ benefit broadcasts ad with the dull time of the elevator such as people. ”

In May 2003, changjiang Delta spring is registered establish minute of numerous medium (China) control a limited company, take up the post of presiding apparitor. After when cent numerous medium gains abundant sth used to one's own advantage through illicit collect, the situation with the as sudden as lightning is in Changjiang Delta spring the whole nation each are big the city lifted “ to encircle ground ” offensive, be in two years short in much time, changjiang Delta spring is in 45 cities of countrywide occupational space of floor of 20 thousand commerce. Occupy newest statistical data to show, cent is numerous already owned screen of thirty-seven thousand five hundred liquid crystal in the whole nation. No less than " Forbes " magazine place describes: “ Changjiang Delta spring with the rapiddest rate the main and high-grade office building of occupational place, left the copyist that appears subsequently the market space that leave. ”
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