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Kingdom of floor space media divides numerous medium
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Changjiang Delta spring thinks, although floor world market is more mature already, but still have very large growth space, in the meantime, sell field general to become hold a company another of tall growing sex main strong point. “ is selling TV ad is broadcasted in field, facilitating lock decides the purchase person of fast consumable in the family and policymaker, direct in shopping condition stimulation hints their desire to buy hopes with the influence their brand chooses, make advertisement advocate the TV ad budget of high specified number is in retail terminal and bought final opportunity are significant the sale with ground real translate into. ”

Disclose according to separating numerous side, cent is numerous already followed include Home Hua Runmo, Yi Chulian nearly 600 autographs such as Ji Maicheng of flower, China couplet are made an appointment with, sell greatly in every put in tens of liquid crystal screen. And of 5000 square metre above of countrywide sell an altogether to have 1000 or so only greatly. Cent is numerous it is special for this besides ministry of floor space career, held water to sell a career the ministry alone. In addition, cent is numerous with 1000 standards supermarket and 1200 advantage inn was signed about. Predicting whole sells a network to invest dollar of ten million wanting number.

Divide numerous medium history

In March 2007
On March 1, 2007, cent numerous medium announces to buy and China's oldest Internet ad or interactive sale serve network of ad of provider good Ye, march in the round market of network advertisement sale. Network of good Ye ad held water 1998, it is China's biggest Internet advertisement hair cloth software provider monitors a company in real time with tripartite. In Ai Rui (in the findings report of I Research) company, this company is maintaining all the time first position accepts in battalion of ad of firm of Chinese Internet ad.

In August 2006
On August 31, 2006, divide numerous medium to announce to buy ACL of cinema ad firm, in the meantime, the network of ACL company will more the name is ” of network of cinema of “ of cent numerous medium.

In June 2006
The “ of platform of straight effect transmission that by emancipatory daily group and cent numerous medium invests jointly liberates formal operation of minute of ” of numerous straight effect. Already enclothed Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen at present 15000 companies in office building of 800 high end, affect crowd of 1.5 million business affairs directly.

In April 2006
The network of broadcast of urban color screen that divides numerous medium (LED) begin to throw operation in Shanghai. This network Suo Dingzhong suffers numerous group high to commute, in shopping road spatio-temporal, attract with form of brand-new movie and TV of outdoors and high-definition clear get numerous attention.

In March 2006
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