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Kingdom of floor space media divides numerous medium
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Cent numerous medium buys mobile phone ad with 30 million dollar Shang Kaiwei dot is accused, march formally new field of mobile phone advertisement. Current, cent is numerous wireless already locked up decide user of 400 million mobile phone especially user of 72 million wireless WAP, puissant enclothe a city young white-collar, fashionable group. Cent is numerous wireless one of new media networks that had made minute of numerous banner fall to have development latent capacity most.

January 2006
Cent numerous medium incorporates with the price of 325 million dollar the 2nd building of Chinese —— of business of operation of eaves video media gathers a crowd medium, thereby with 75 cities enclothe degree, the market share of about 98% consolidated further the leadership position in this domain. Come from amalgamative day by March 2006, the company is being divided numerous, gather a crowd the admiral of foundation of platform of Lou Yu broadcast over a radio network with two original brands this network differentiates for more careful cent numerous a few channel that change, include stay away from home of business of network of broadcast of public figure of leader of network of broadcast of space of floor of Chinese business affairs, China, China network of broadcast of fashionable personage of personage broadcast network, China.

October 2005
October 2006, the value that assigns numerous medium to be controlled with 100 million dollar buys frame intermediary 100% equity.

In July 2005
On July 13, 2005, cent numerous medium is in the United States Nasidake appears on the market successfully, stock code: FMCN.

In November 2004
On November 16, cent numerous medium accuses a limited company and UCI dimension Gao Cheng company of numerous investment, United States and British 3i company are in people congress hall holds a press conference, announce UCI, Gao Cheng and 3i invest 30 million U.S. dollor to become a shareholder jointly minute of numerous medium.

In July 2004
Number of cent numerous medium is muti_function liquid crystal of CD unifinication synchronism shows broadcast device to win patent.

In May 2004
Cent numerous medium rolls out fashion medium -- hairdressing beautifies hair business of orgnaization broadcast network.

In March 2004
UCI dimension numerous investment, vessel sunshine international investment and TDF fund together the classics in DFJ of orgnaization of American famous investment, WI-HARPER closes and investment of Mai Du international register endowment fraction together U.S. dollor of ten million of numerous medium number.

In January 2004
Divide numerous medium to roll out business of network of broadcast of Chinese golf ad.

In June 2003
Numerous investment of SOFT BANK of world-famous investment orgnaization and UCI dimension announces investment of bisect numerous medium is huge endowment, drive minute of numerous Chinese commerce building the construction of world broadcast network and operation.
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