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Kingdom of floor space media divides numerous medium
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In May 2003
Divide numerous medium to accuse a limited company company to hold water formally, gentleman of Changjiang Delta spring holds the post of CEO.

Changjiang Delta spring

Full name: Sexual distinction of Changjiang Delta spring: Male give unripe date: In March 1973 record of formal schooling: University major: Chinese unit post: Divide numerous medium (China) dominate a trade of limited company president: Wholesale with retail trade

—— of Changjiang Delta spring divides numerous medium (China) charge a limited company president

Changjiang Delta spring was born in March 1973, by business circles of Yu Wei “ little handsome ” .

Bachelor of literature of character of Chinese of Hua Dong Normal University. Divide numerous medium author, divide chairman of bureau of numerous medium trustee and presiding apparitor. Before this, changjiang Delta spring holds the position of Yong Yi to transmit limited company general manager.

  Changjiang Delta spring was graduated from Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Hua Dong Normal University 1995, advertising was joined during school 1992, the university fundses raised by oneself when 3 grade 1 million establish Yong Yi transmits a company, lead Yong Yi to transmit a company to become one of companies of home's most well-known native land ad with 10 years of time. Changjiang Delta spring founded 2003 minute of numerous media technology (Shanghai) numerous medium of limited company and cent (China) control a limited company. 19 short lunar time, the cent numerous medium of its leader (FocusMedia) the network of broadcast of commercial floor space that uses place of digital multimedia technology to build comes from Shanghai development 37 cities of countrywide; The network enclothes a face to develop many 6800 Lou Yu from many 50 original Lou Yu; Terminal of liquid crystal information comes from 300 many development 12000 many; Accrual from original 100 much turnover arrive now every months of gain many yuan 1000, have 75% above have rate.

  Changjiang Delta spring the group of cent numerous medium that initiate and establishs, advocate business Wu is the urban business that is based on Wi-Fi/GPRS/PtoP technology network of broadcast of Lou Yu informatization. Since January 2003, the network of broadcast of space of Chinese commerce floor that divides numerous medium releases commonweal every week, economy, culture, the information such as commerce, the window that project of application of key of public service informatization and Shanghai commonweal publicize society of the Shanghai that be labelled. Subsequently 1 year, this network arrived from Shanghai laid 37 cities of countrywide, floor space number comes many 6800 from many 50 original development, information terminal counts development to come many a little bit 15000, at present this network covers a multitude everyday 12 million, embellish of only monthly interest exceeds ten million yuan, predicted profit after tax will exceed 110 million yuan 2004, the market that has 75% above in China is had rate. Current, cent numerous medium already turned branch numerous business to Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesian wait for Asia-Pacific area.
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