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Be like development course of the home
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If the home enters economy public house,belong to insert willow involuntarily.
Story traceable card of a network. 2001, ji Qi of the author that carry Cheng notices a netizen complains in carry the price that hotel reserves on Cheng to slant expensive. Then, he ordered room data circumstance to do an analysis to carrying Cheng net to go up, the current situation that discovers domestic public house is luxurious insufficient economy, of economy not not wholesome, practical. Then, use resource of the sale network that carries Cheng and economy of conformity of industry dominant position hotel, the think of a way that builds a hotel industry that is in dominant position in China to interlink a brand jumps Ji Qi's brain.
Taking this idea, ji Qi finds the vice-president Liang Rixin of group of Beijing capital tourism, two people chime in easily. In June 2002, carry Cheng to carry group of hand capital tourism (head brigade group accuses relatively) ecbolic like the home. Head brigade throws 4 “ to found a state hotel ” serves as be like store of prototype of a first economy hotel, carry Cheng to be like the home to client promotion through Internet, two coact are managed, the risk is carried in all.
Frame is built rose, but investment just does not have any hotel industries from already check, so the professional handler of reinstate major is in charge of specific professional work, is this kind of know-nothing that calf gives birth to first fitly dauntless, the commercial pattern that if the home is distinctive,established. Two cast those representing capital to have his respective advantage resource grafting, combined the professional skill of professional handler, if the home is tall,gifted jointly the gene of start, with a brand-new concept and the stay away from home that cover a road to deduce the China of economy hotel. For instance, exact market fixed position is locked up in was being decided, personage of low business affairs is mixed recreational travel personage, network sale provided quick network make the rounds of the wards, free 400 with the 800 honored guests that reach a network to order room, human nature to change the member is made, link practical, measurable living environment, like the home a hill gets the reception of consumer greatly.
After establishing half an year, if the home is judged,be group of trade of “ China hotel 20 strong ” .
Because strategic thinking is very clear, one if name is general and quick and the development route that is like the home so is clear, from hold water to hurry off to Nasidake to have 5 years only in all, your person Jing admires career.

The first phase: Planning phase.

Arrive by 2001 June 2002, if the home arrives from the concept,design, finished finally oneself Beijing of —— of store of the first prototype is like a hotel. Carry Ji Qi of Cheng net author to be done personally, turned oneself tentative idea into a dependable entity. Because do not have the experience of management hotel, if the home is the mature mode that draws lessons from foreign economy hotel directly at the beginning, the advantage resource that passes him engraft next (network sale) will finish. Tell from some kind of meaning, the economy that is like the home hotel more westernize a few, built a distinctive brand image in consumer memory consequently.
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