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Be like development course of the home
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Face huge success and beautiful anadem, ji Qi was not intoxicated in oneself once more in brilliant success, the touch that depends on his preterhuman market insight and acumen however disentombed once more economy hotel this just still starts in China, huge without the profit potential that is accepted extensively by masses place market. And took the action quickly, if domestic public house interlinks a firm,held water, figure of sweet and comfortable " of " blue hut issues development to arrive in his plan a lot of cities of the motherland, in the hotel that be like the home chain establishs up to now in much time of short half an year, already had 10 straight camp inn, close 20 join in inn, 1 concessionary join in inn. Predict to will be like a hotel to interlink straight battalion inn to increase 30 above inside countrywide limits 2003.

Be like the home- - the travel brand of hotel industry
Carry the management of Cheng through a few years, the Ji Qi of foresight judicious judgment discovers again, what because lie fallow,travel is popular with each passing day the diversity with main body bussiness trip, a kind of price is reasonable and the clean standard, accommodation product that has unified brand became a lot of customer long for. Right now, use resource of the sale network that carries Cheng and economy of conformity of industry dominant position hotel, the think of a way that builds a hotel industry that is in dominant position in China to interlink a brand jumps his brain, "If domestic public house interlinks " ,was born so.
If domestic public house interlinks the feature economy hotel to draw the outline of,be: Clean, economy, sweet. Need not luxurious decorate, do not make extravagant room, price material benefit, basic establishment is all ready, clean and comfortable the main feature that is economy hotel, it is a center with room Wu, guest room condition can be rivalled with SamSung class hotel. Without luxurious old hall and establishment of recreation of form a complete set, but the firm on the wholesome sex that has in room, shower, bed and comfortable sex makes great efforts. Satisfy the requirement that the business travel personage that moves back and forth often between each cities yearns for most to entering a public house. In the meantime, economy hotel distributings to facilitate at traffic more, community serves perfect place, of circumjacent maturity shop, meal place makes the business travel personage of the hotel is mixed to have dinner shopping demand is able to satisfy. And show according to data, the is versed in firewood a group of things with common features can be accepted hotel price of 70% is in every night 150-200 or so yuan. If domestic public house interlinks 200 yuan of the following prices and corresponding hotel hardware establishment,make the perfect tie that price of economy hotel sex compares.
Be like a hotel, the economy that draws lessons from Euramerican maturity hotel manages mode, advocate " to live moderately, the life concept of natural and comfortable " , like the brand of domestic public house chain implements uniform service standard, establishment reachs the designated position, manage through dimensions will reduce cost. Current, if domestic hotel chain is being adopted straight battalion, concessionary the means that join in enlarges dimensions quickly. Ji Qi is guiding his group to will let each visitor that enter feel: Live in " to be like a " , kind be like the home!
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