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Be like development course of the home
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For instance, if the home is on detail,a lot of made great efforts. The guest room metope that is like the home with weak pink, flaxen move for mass-tone, carpet reachs indoor things and metope photograph set off. Ark of concise and the delicate roundlet desk that tablecloth spends on the shop, practical the head of a bed, and the charm emotional appeal that the bedding, curtain, color that decorates a picture mediates design also shows a household, be like housewife what decorate meticulously is same.
In addition, if the home configured collapsible rack in guest room in order to save a space, the towel tooth that provides two kinds of color in toilet is provided, can avoid the trouble when two guests are entered at the same time.
What be worth commend especially is, ji Qi is sufficient in running the course that is like the home shirt-sleeve the force of the network, from begin network gene embedded among them. For instance, if quick hotel was in the home to rolled out activity of “6 1” sales promotion in the light of the member 2005 (always consume inside a month full the client of 6 night can enjoy weekday to avoid a room to expend service) , because a mature client runs a system, if the home passes a database to be able to take out the client material of contented condition, , already quick managing cost.
And the member patternmaking form that is like the home is directer take result from the successful experience of the net that carry Cheng. Current, if the home is daily,the circulation that the room expends the 9.2 honored guest general that fold to get stuck achieved 200 thousand pieces, and the circulation that hits the 8.8 honored guest gold that fold to get stuck achieves 900 thousand pieces, take no account of the amount booking a room of these 1.1 million pieces of card, sheet is 200 million yuan to buy nearby blocking a value.

The 2nd phase: Outspread phase.

Ji Qi realizes clearly, the development of economy hotel needs to let consumer experience “ economy ” on one hand, also need to let investor feel “ economy ” on the other hand. So he regards the main goal that is like the home as chain dilate at the beginning. If the home is in,4 chain store opened inside the time of half an year 2002, achieve 13 to the end of 2003, 2004 35, by 2005 70, a year rapidder than a year, growth of profit of every annual interest exceeds 50% , company dimensions expands steadily.
Although be like a longing that has rate, but in real operation Zhong Jiqi still is opposite rhythm holds properly. On the kind that serves chain dilate, what adopt like the home is key layout, first straight battalion be born, join in after outspread strategy. Start at Beijing, Shanghai, next with China two the biggest cities are gangplank, those who enter its periphery is big in city, the “ that …… of Tianjin, Hangzhou, Nanjing formed at present ” of area of Hua Dong of ” of China north area, “ , around the ” of area of “ Hua Na of Guangzhou, Shenzhen.
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