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Perfect and spatio-temporal brief introduction: Hold water 3 years to finish IPO
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Limited company of technology of perfect and spatio-temporal network established Beijing 2004, by etc of Chi Yufeng of president of company of software of Hong En of enterprise of bibcock of famous education software notable investment establishs group of a few IT. Devote oneself to ethical network to swim the enterprise develops, make net of world-class high-quality goods swim, contend for Chinese net to swim develop posse line. The technology that relies on rigorous sureness is accumulated, inside more domain development gives the product that has international competition ability, popularize Chinese traditional culture.

Basic data:
Business description: Network game
Establish time: 2004
Appear on the market time: In July 2007
Appear on the market place: Nasidake (PWRD)
Government-owned net: Www.wanmei.com
Crucial data: 2007 first quarter, " ideal world " , " pass outside Wu Lin " and " ideal world II " average at the same time online player gross reachs 237 thousand person.
Business history structure:
Basically pass Beijing limited company of technology of perfect and spatio-temporal network begins operation, found at was in China 2004. To acquire the investment of international investor, in June 2006 the basis opened graceful archipelago law to establish holding company perfect and spatio-temporal limited company.
In August 2006, established Beijing company of perfect and spatio-temporal software, this is a when be in China wholy-owned subsidiary. September 2006, company of perfect and spatio-temporal software is the same as Beijing Beijing is perfect and spatio-temporal network technology limited company and its partner come to an agreement, latter will specific fixed assets and specific personnel turn former, and former will improve support and service of research and development for latter.
Main product
" kill celestial being " was 2005 a popular network novel of Xuan Huanwu a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, author desolate vessel. Perfect and spatio-temporal the authorization that obtains a novel, roll out homonymic network game " kill celestial being " .
Roll out time: By May 2007
Game type: 3D MMORPG
Official website: Www.zhuxian.com
" pass outside Wu Lin " was 2006 perfect and spatio-temporal strange unreal of perfection knight-errant of 3D Q edition blows hard, investment exceeds 2 100 million, cost nearly 2 years, what made a comedic net meticulously swim for the player is brand-new recreational means.
Roll out time: 2006
Game type: 3D Q edition
Official website: Www.wulin2.com.cn
The 3rd China that makes by force of perfect and spatio-temporal bend achieves 3D net to swim formerly your work, with China old mythological fokelore is setting and solid culture inside information and giant game connotation, brought up Chinese 3D to achieve net of world strange unreal to swim.
Roll out time: Measure inside November 30, 2006
Fair on January 10, 2007 measure
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