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Small fat sheep is built reach development course
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1999, mr Zhang Gang (executive director of company of small fat sheep holds a chairman concurrently) , Mr Chen Hongkai (blame of company of small fat sheep carries out trustee) found small fat sheep, dining-room of the first small fat sheep includes head start business in Inner Mongolia, gain a success.

2000, business of small fat sheep extends Beijing, Shanghai, mix through company self-supporting shop join in inn form is rolled out quickly in the whole nation, brand of small fat sheep obtains the market to approbate, famous degree soar.

2004, small fat sheep walks out of the mainland first, in Hong Kong set up shop.

2005, small fat sheep joins in the service center is built, integrated to joining in the network undertakes, begin improvement to join in the operation standard of inn and expression.

In June 2006, small fat sheep introduces 3i group and PraxCapital strategy investment successfully, become first Chinese meal company that introduces strategic investment, this action is further aggrandizement the brand of small fat sheep is beautiful praise spend and international consequence.

Up to on December 31, 2007, network of chain of small fat sheep pervades the country such as area of and other places of chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Japan, United States, Canada, among them self-supporting dining-room amounts to 90, concessionary management dining-room amounts to 257.

2008, small fat sheep is continueing to push extend chain dining-room network while, exert oneself at strategical rapid development, upgrade operation system and optimize operation platform.

” of rinse of “ of author of small fat sheep goes out 5 billion
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