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Of beautiful Tesibangwei found reach development course
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80 time, zhou Chengjian comes to Wen Zhou from county of green cropland of native place Zhejiang, his only craft are sartorial. When operating a machine, he reduces the arm of a batch of business suit short one big chunk, cause the debt of on hundred thousands of. Over shoes over boots, he changes business suit arm jacket arm, will other place also is done alter accordingly, this batch of business suit actually very popular. He disentombs for the first time oneself hype latent capacity, it is to be in market of Wen Zhou's biggest temple of clever fruit of costume market —— .

The United States is special this. When state power practice, zhou Chengjian still did a “ ” of 1000 inn project starts a ceremony. The clothing company of a Wen Zhou should open 1000 brands to interlink inn in the whole nation, discuss ardently what caused media; When sell like hot cakes of wind snow garment, he spends idea tailor a world's greatest wind snow garment, created record of auspicious Nisi world; Have double deck bus first when Wen Zhou when, he stands be about to the United States is special this. The advertisement besmear full automobile body of state power. He began the business in the factory after the inn before market of clever fruit temple, spend 800 yuan to hit such as “ to increase bit of fund on cost price on local media, the dress takes away the ad saying of ” .

To carry a brand young with vogue, the United States is special this. State power adds spokesman at once. Make an appointment with new form spokesman from the autograph after Zhou Jielun, 3 years are lain between when, zhou Chengjian extends olive branch Xiang Zhangshao contain again. Of two figure spokesman enable, showed Zhou Chengjian “ does not walk along the bouncing thinking of common road ” .

In intensive cultivation of on Chinese market a few years, the preference that Zhoucheng establishs pair of Chinese and consumptive psychology are already ripe harvest, this also reinforced his confidence. About figure spokesman problem, zhou Chengjian is made again lift breathtakingly. He puts forward, the likelihood continues to add two figure spokesman, rangmeitesi. The public image of state power is more plump and complete.

In Chinese dress domain, the United States is special this. State power says to go up absolutely is a famous recreational brand. Zhou Chengjian of its palm door person is do not go “ common road ” ] brand concept is perforative from beginning to end dress person.

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