How to engineer an outstanding commercial specification
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Engineer an outstanding commercial specification, it is to knock the one step with investor very crucial gate, because investor wants to receive the commercial specification with considerable amount everyday, make an appointment with only among them very one of meetings make investor is interested slightly, can investor be interested in your project, can he see you about?

Investing a domain, do poineering work especially investment, the member that engineer even if invest an organizer invests a project to undertake systems analysis through be opposite, undertake carrying preparing planning to investing integral strategy of the activity and strategy, invest decision-making, executive investment to putting forward thereby decision-making, examine the whole process with decision-making investment is made beforehand consideration and tentative idea. Accordingly, leave a plan, the commercial specification of this kind of poineering investment is short of lost most market. Eliminate plan, perhaps plan book body with respect to the project and character, so that be applied adequately,it must have enough actual strength have sth used to one's own advantage oneself, clever use social capital, the competition ability of poineering project is ambitious, should have not only Promethean, should have more but durative. Be in especially after carrying out, can bring the value that can measure for investor and client.

The “3 4 of commercial specification engineers principle ”

The company that has commercial specification compares the industry financing that does not have commercial specification on average to lead tower above 100%” successfully. This is an investigation conclusion that Arthur Andersen company made 2002, according to this investigation, mere the 30% companies that are surveyed have written commerce specification, this is foreign circumstance. Be in China, the proportion that has company of written commerce specification is fewer, should not say the quality of specification more, the machine rate that succeeds because of this financing is minorrer. Really, the whole idea that creates wealth is not a kind of thought, however match itself. It is the regulation of superior bad discard purely, the most apparent regulation is “ does not do the its ” that cannot win, but the “ here does not do ” is too plan.

Poineering investment project engineers running time basically is the first phase in project cycle, and the progress as the project is ceaseless and outspread. The whole process of perforative investment. And the early days wisdom that concoctive itself is a project actually invests —— namely decision-maker force capital invests. poineering investment the plan introduces commercial specification, will make commercial specification produces new qualitative leap, make commercial specification itself has the function that evaluates objectively not only, and the child that is intellective investment, enhanced the feasibility of commercial specification, dependability, maneuverability thereby; Make commercial specification is become truly the project holds water and undertake investing decision-making basis; Become the basis of the design; Become the basis that the project carries out; Make venture capital investment decision-making the basis that whether invests.
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