Investment: The advantage of the brim
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A few weeks before, I made a discussion about investment in conference of a finance. When me respecting investment return rate can be achieved 50% , 1, 000% even infinity when, an audience raises a hand suddenly. “ nonsense. The person of ” raise one's hand cries.

I ask this participator to say a reason.

You obtain “ impossibly so tall redound, he says ” rustily, “ I am person of program of a conduct financial transactions, I never had seen who can win so tall get one's own back. ”

Do you recommend “ the investment that what kind your client made? ”

I recommend “ they make all sorts of investment: Cash, stock, bond, joint fund, he says ” furiously, so I think “ ask you: Do you invest from these in the center how to get so tall get one's own back? ”

“ won't make those investment because of me. I answer ” .

Without real dominant position

I do not value the investment such as deposit, stock, bond, joint fund, this nods me to had said very clearly in my a lot of articles. I once emphasized investing pilot importance —— to impose pilot condition in how in the article, how is professional investor risking less risk to win taller get one's own back. Those invest money in the person on the paper asset such as deposit, stock, bond, joint fund, did not accomplish control in investment well. (See " why clever be in business is clever investment " , "Why Business Smarts Are Investing Smarts ""Why Business Smarts Are Investing Smarts "

To professional investor, besides “ control ” , still have a few more serious problems. In respect of deposit, stock, bond, joint fund, having a problem is, I do not have more and actual advantage than other investor. In this area, if I have originality very much really, can discover a kind of advantage, I am in namely risking the danger that perhaps pays high specified number fine into the jail, however, ” of brim of a kind of “ is searched in other investment types, won't bring such risk however. For instance:
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