Enterprise first-rate financing is politic
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Of the enterprise found, live and develop, must with financing, investment, again financing is premise. Capital is the hematic arteries and veins of the enterprise, the first impetus that is industry economy activity and continuously impetus. As economic system of our country market perfect the rapid development with money market stage by stage, the main body place oneself that the enterprise regards the market as economy in the market environment at trends, the financing means of planned economy has gotten essential sex is changed, industry financing efficiency more and more the key that makes company progress. As a result of the need that economy grows, a few new financing means emerge as the times require, financing channel numerous and complicated is complex. To medium and small businesses, how to choose financing way, how to hold financing dimensions and of all sorts of financing means use a place difficult of access of zephyr of opportunity, condition, cost, the enterprise has these problems be analysed seriously and study with respect to need before financing.

Financing gross income is more than financing totle drilling cost

Current, as economic development, financing already became the popular topic of medium and small businesses, a lot of enterprises are fond of this. However, before the enterprise undertakes financing, do not want the financing way that is opposite the look to sundry heart making a person to move directly first, more do not want scamp to give financing decision-making. What should consider above all is, enterprise must financing? The yield after financing how? Because financing means need cost, financing cost has the interest cost of capital already, still be the risk cost that high financing cost and inaccuracy decide likely. Accordingly, pass thorough analysis only, when believing firmly the gross income that uses the fund place that raise money to anticipate wants to be more than the totle drilling cost of financing, just be necessary to consider how financing. This is the enterprise undertakes the principal premise with decision-making financing.  

Industry financing dimensions wants do according to one's abilities

Because industry financing needs to pay cost, when because this enterprise is in,planning market fund, want to define the financing scope of the enterprise above all. Raise fund overmuch, create fund possibly perhaps unused waste, raise financing cost; Cause a company possibly perhaps responsible and overmuch, make its cannot bear, it is difficult to repay, increase management risk. And if the enterprise raises fund,be not worth, what can affect an enterprise to join financing plan and other business again is normal begin. Accordingly, the enterprise is undertaking at the beginning of financing is decision-making, the difficult easy rate that wants the actual condition according to oneself of the industry need to capital, enterprise and financing and cost circumstance, do according to one's abilities will define the financing scope with logical enterprise.  
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