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Of person of venture capital investment remind
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★ error: Market prospect has allure very much

Remind: The very much person that do poineering work people the mistake that can make a typical case: They often say “ wants us to even if be the market share of 1% ,be had only, we also can profiteer ” . Such view exposes the demand that gives you to cross an user without anatomize directly.

   ★ error: Doctorate is very useful

Remind: Have doctorate, can prove you are not changeling only. Look from experience, have doctorate to be met only negative to obtaining commercial success to arise effect. The kind that because be on school work,scores a success and be in trade the kind that scores a success is apropos and contrary. On school work, your colleague decides your success, be in trade, your client decides your success, and your client, basically OK and affirmative ground says, won't be your colleague.

   ★ error: I need the 5 million capital that start

Remind: Unless you make hardware, otherwise you do not need at all any the capital that start. The reason is very simple: If you are not willing to abandon your breathing space for the commercial potential of your idea, why should others earn the money that come to be this adventure with their hardship?

★ error: Good idea is the most important part in my plan

Remind: Good idea basically does not have any meanings, important is: Who is your client; Why should they buy your product; Your group has some of what person; Have what risk.

   ★ error: Again good without the competitor nevertheless

Remind: If you are located the industry does not have a competitor, the most possible reason is, it cannot make money at all. There is 6 billion population on this world, be impossible almost completely to still be put in to do not have the profitable market that anybody detects.

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