Do poineering work board not big to action of most medium and small businesses
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Recently, consortium of a person of same business of Shenzhen city poineering investment is standing vice-chairman Wang Shouren holds in Shanghai " bought 2007 recombine and height of investment of illicit collect equity is met " on express, do poineering work board will roll out formally at next year, current, chinese card inspect is intensifying preparing with Shenzhen stock exchange, related side case already reported the State Council. To doing poineering work board the influence to medium and small businesses, director Chen Naixing of research center of medium and small businesses of Chinese Academy of Sciences points out when accepting a reporter to interview, to medium and small businesses development is advantageous, can have certain effect but very won't big. The medium and small businesses that can appear on the market is minority after all, most enterprise is to cannot appear on the market, the amount that appear on the market is very small, affect to most medium and small businesses so not quite.

Since 1999, shenzhen stock exchange devotes oneself to to do poineering work all the time board preparatory job. Preparation of 8 years, and medium and small businesses board success of 3 years moves, these are do poineering work board start laid a foundation. A few days ago, the concerned public figure that makes place greatly also expresses to had been been do poineering work board open do sufficient sufficient preparation, the enterprise preparation that has had more than 1000 is doing poineering work board appear on the market.

Meeting vice-chairman Fan Fuchun shows card watch, our country medium and small businesses board establish, for content of science and technology capability of tall, innovation is strong, advocate the medium and small businesses with prominent line of business extended direct financing channel, but course of study of venture capital investment especially native land venture capital investment and progress of investment of illicit collect equity are scant, large quantities of having innovation ability mixes the technology to grow higher the enterprise of latent capacity, short as a result of financing source and make develop impetus suffocate suffocate. Accordingly, should roll out as soon as possible do poineering work board the market.

According to reporter understanding, establish do poineering work board the purpose is, provide financing medium of communication for high-tech enterprise; Pass market mechanism, evaluate poineering asset value effectively, the union of stimulative knowledge and capital, promote the development of intellectual economy; Offer “ to export ” for fund of venture capital investment, the risk of dispersive venture capital investment, the benign loop that stimulative high-tech invests, flow and use efficiency what raise high-tech to invest resource; Add the liquidity of innovation company stock, facilitating enterprise carries out equity drive to plan to wait, encourage employee to participate in company value creation; Stimulative industry standard is run, build contemporary company system.
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